All the Ponies

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Emmie has a new obsession y’all.  A couple of months ago when we went on our beach trip I randomly bought Emmie a My Little Pony stuffed animal and it instantly became her favorite.  She named her “Gina” and everywhere Emmie went Gina had to come along too.  One day Em was playing with my phone and somehow found a YouTube channel where they made various ponies out of Play-Doh and the world of My Little Pony was discovered.  She learned all the names of the different ponies and insisted on watching YouTube to see them on there.  Her collection of ponies also began to grow.




Now Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Twilight Sparkle (formerly Gina) are her BFFs which is nostalgic for me because I too loved My Little Pony growing up!  What I don’t love however is the YouTube fascination.  So I turned to my Netflix account to see if there were episodes of the TV show for her to watch instead of the weird YouTube channels full of adults playing with Play-Doh.  Fortunately Netflix saved the day!


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.52.37 PM


Now Em and I can enjoy an episode here and there together!  While I am working harder on limiting the amount of time she gets in front of a screen, having an option for her that is NOT YouTube is fantastic!  Plus I have to admit I enjoy watching them too ;)

What “blast from the past” things are you seeing resurface?

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