Dreaming of Binging on Netflix

You guys … Somehow I am 4 short days from finishing my 6th rotation which means I am also THIS close to a break. Not just any break … My last winter break ever.  I’m in denial and trying not to realize THAT part of it. 
But needless to say I am ready for some time off. You see, PA school during clinical year is SO much better than didactic but there’s pesky PANCE at the end so on top of working full time you have to make time to study. Throw in projects for your preceptor and two kids to boot and it can get pretty tiring. I’m in desperate need of some down time. 
So I’m dreaming about binge-watching some Netflix, while drinking cocoa, in my yoga pants. Basically I’m dreaming of heaven. I have me eye on some shows and have yet to decide what my guilty pleasure will be. I had to admit this but I never watched Gilmore Girls while it was out so that’s currently leading the pack. 

Or maybe it’ll be another throw back with One Tree Hill. Or Walking Dead. All I know is that for at least one day I don’t want to get off the couch. 
Please tell me I’m not alone in wanting to binge out on some TV. 
This post is post is part of my partnership with Netflix as part of their Stream Team. All opinions and pitiful confessions are my own. 

Bryn is TWO

This is TWO

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