Final Thoughts: Didactic Year of PA School

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day.  I finished my didactic year of PA school.  When I started this journey in January of last year this day was a mere dot on the horizon.  I knew it was going to take innumerable hours of hard work, intense commitment, some tears, and maybe even a little pain. There were many times that first quarter when Bryn was only a month old that I wondered if this was even possible.



Each day was a tiny step up that mountain.  Every day I juggled my life as a student with my family life … sometimes I found a glimpse of balance, other times I felt incredible burned out.  But the 15 months went by faster than I ever could imagine and here I am just 10 days from starting my clinical rotations.


When I look back on this last year I feel incredibly grateful.


⇒I am grateful for the opportunity to be here.  PA school is insanely competitive and getting this chance in the first place was an incredible blessing.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’re doing exactly what you were born to do.


⇒I am grateful to my family.  Without Chris’ unwavering support there is no way I could be doing this.  He is my rock, my anchor, and the most amazing life partner.  Our parents have all stepped up and been there whenever we needed them.  It is taking a village to get me through my program but I am lucky enough to have the best village ever.  I also have really awesome and resilient kiddos.


⇒I am grateful for the amazing faculty at my school.  Not only are they incredibly talented educators, they legitimately care about their students.  They cared not only about our academic performance but about our personal wellbeing.  They were the biggest cheerleaders we could have and were always available for mini-breakdowns.


⇒I am grateful for my classmates.  All 70 of us are still here.  PA school would have been miserable without them.  The people in my class are so much more than colleagues – they are my family now.  It was a bizarre feeling leaving campus yesterday knowing that I wouldn’t see some of them until June.  This is the most unique, intelligent, compassionate, and determined group of people I know and I fortunate to have them in my life.





Overall I learned a lot, experienced more, and I know I am ready for this next road ahead.  Clinicals are going to be a whole different ball game and I am up for the challenge.  I am looking forward to learning SO much more and being with patients every single day.


I want to thank all of you for all the encouraging words you have given me over the last year.  They have lifted me up when I needed it!  I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you guys :)



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