Building Our Home Gym

Ever since moving to Savannah Chris and I have been slowly but surely building our home gym.  It’s always been a priority to us but until this move it wasn’t practical.  Now, it’s almost essential.  Since I started PA school I haven’t been making it to the gym as often as I would like.  While I still have the gym membership, getting in quality workouts at home has been essential.  I either get up before the kids to workout or sneak one in after putting Bryn down for the night.  Same thing goes for Chris – he is working out at home more and more often.


I thought I would share our progress with you guys today because it’s something we are really proud of!  Some things we have found for cheap and other things we have invested in.  First, one of our recent BIG purchases!  We had some extra money leftover and Chris did something he rarely ever does … he splurged on something he wants.  My husband hates spending money so when there was actually something he wanted I was all over it.


Squat Rack



The squat rack and pull-up bar was Chris’ big splurge.  He ordered it from a company in Jacksonville that supplied the CrossFit box in our town.  We also recently got the bumper plats and flooring from a tractor supply company.  I bought Chris the rings for Valentine’s Day and now we have somewhere to put them!  To go with the bumper plates we have both a 45lb and a 30lb bar.





The kettlebells are some of my favorite things.  I am still working with the 20lb one but hope to move up soon!  I currently have 5, 8, 10, and 12lb dumbbells but want to get some 15lb and 20lb ones too.  Upstairs in our “man cave” we also have a treadmill that we got for a steal from some friends and a set of resistance bands.


For the most part we feel like the “gym” is complete.  I did some bands for pull-ups and would love a pylo box.  Chris mentioned some things he wants to he is going to have to hold his horses for awhile.  I did the first workout of my new program at home yesterday and I have to say it felt great to lift heavy at home!


This is kind of a crazy week for me so I hope to check in often with you guys!  I have 2 tests and another round of giving tours to applicants during their interviews PLUS mom-duties.  Whew.  Happy Monday friends!  Hope you had a great weekend :)


What’s your favorite home workouts?

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