Like Father, Like Daughter

Another Monday is here meaning another weekend has come and gone.  I am entering into the last few weeks of my quarter so I enjoyed one last weekend before the chaos sets in.  We spent our weekend trying to help Em through potty-training.  So on Thursday I went to Toys-R-Us for some rewards.  While  I was there there was one thing I couldn’t resist getting her for NOW – a lacrosse stick!


Lacrosse 2


Chris played lacrosse in college so when I saw a pink lacrosse stick I knew it had to make its way into my cart.  What better way for a father and daughter to bond than over sports?


Lacrosse 3


As a mom there are few things that give me greater joy than to see my child enjoying being ACTIVE.  Chris and I both grew up playing sports so to see my daughter start to fall in love with them too makes my heart full.  What gave me the greatest joy though was hearing the two of them laugh as Emmalyne learned how to throw the ball.  These are the things that make a lifetime :)


I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a happy start.  I have my standardized patient this morning so fingers crossed I get my diagnosis right ;)


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