Importance of One-on-On Time

One of my biggest concerns when I was pregnant with Bryn was how Emmalyne would react to having a sister.  For over two years Emmalyne was the center of our world and I was nervous about how she would do in sharing the spot light.  Now that we are nearly a year into this family of four business I thought I would share one of the keys to our “success”.  It’s one-on-one time.


Even though our lives are crazy busy right now, Chris and I make a point to ensure that Emmalyne gets some one-on-one time with each of us.  Since Bryn requires more hands on time it can seem as if we are dedicating more of our time towards her and we didn’t ever want Emmalyne to feel that way.  So instead, we set aside time for just her.  Often times Chris will take Em to the ice cream shop for their daddy-daughter dates or to the park while I watch Bryn.


This past weekend I had some “down time” after ACLS and before my test yesterday.  Since Bryn decided to take an extra long nap I thought it was the perfect time to having some mommy-Emmie time!  One of my favorite ways to spend time with Emmie is in the kitchen so we decided to make some pretzel treats!


Mom and Daughter


This treat is so easy to do …. all you need is some white chocolate chips and pretzels!  I put the chocolate in a bowel bowl (Edited: you can tell what I was studying by my typo but leaving it for humor haha) and microwaved for 30 seconds at a time and stirred between each set so the chocolate didn’t burn.  Then Emmie was able to dip the pretzel sticks in, put them on parchment paper, and you’re good to go!


Another thing we try to do is incorporate how much we love our family into some of these one-on-one sessions.  Even though we focus most of the time on Emmie, we still try to reinforce the fact that we are a FAMILY and that Bryn is part of that family.  Our goal is to empower Emmalyne and help her realize how special she is and how she gets to be the one to help teach Bryn how to be a “big girl’ too.  Fortunately, there are many books and TV shows that help with this process for us.


While our pretzel treats cooled and hardened, Emmie and Chris snuggled up with the iPad to watch The Hive on Netfllix.  Emmie loves Buzzbee and this episode was perfect because it was all about making room for a new sibling.  It focused on how great it is to have a sibling but how special the big sibling is too.  Perfectly fits our motives ;)


Father Daughter


These one-on-one dates are one my favorite things to do and I look forward to keeping the tradition alive for Bryn too.  While we love our time as a family of four, these precious moments with just our firstborn are so very important to us.  I already can’t believe she is three and before I know it she will be sixteen so I am going to soak up these experiences.


How do you make an older sibling feel special?  Or how did your parents do it for you?


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