Chris’ Favorite Shows

For this month’s Stream Team post I reached out to Chris and asked him about his favorite shows.  To say that we don’t always have the same tastes is an understatement ;)  While some of these shows are ones I enjoy too, the others are pure MAN.

Chris' Favorite Shows

Breaking Bad

I think everyone knows about Breaking Bad at this point but Chris discovered it late in the game.  He did however get through all of the series fairly quickly!


Marco Polo (Netflix Exclusive!)

This series seems really interesting!  It follows Marco Polo during his time in Kublai Kahn’s court.  It is definitely an intense drama but it has hooked my history major husband’s interest.


30 for 3

If you know Chris you know he LIVES for sports.  Having all of ESPN’s 30 for 30 available to him is like Christmas.


House of Cards (Netflix Exclusive!)

I need to watch House of Cards because it seems to be amazing!


The League

This is one I definitely can get into … it is about fantasy football and is seriously hilarious.  It’s rather crass though so if that isn’t your thing I’d skip it ;)


What shows do the men in your life like to watch?


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This post is part of my series with Netflix and their Stream Team!

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