Ab Burner Workout

So I got a frightening notice in the mail this week …. our neighborhood pool opens this weekend.  YIKES.


Now, I am pretty content with how I am looking these days but I am still working hard on my post-baby body.  Even though there are areas I am working on improving nothing will stop me from dining my bikini soon.  However, MAYBE I could whittle my middle down a little bit more?  HA.


I have been focusing a lot since starting back to school to fitting in workouts most days even if they’re short.  This ab burner is just that … short, sweet, and effective.  My core is still pretty weak from carrying Bryn and giving birth so this workout is not only a great bikini season prepare but an awesome way to continue to add core strength.  A strong core is SO important for so many things!  Best part?  It takes less than 10 minutes.  WIN.


Ab Burner


Hope you guys have a great Thursday! Today is actually my Friday since we have tomorrow off school for Good Friday. YEAH! Let me know if you try the workout :)


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