Bryn: Month 9

Bryn 9 Months

Well friends …. it’s official. Bryn is 75% through her first year and I am in major denial. I keep having to remind myself that she is closer to a toddler than newborn because I simply can’t believe it. Here’s what Bryn is up to at 9 months old.

 Grow, Baby, Grow!

Bryn had her 9-month check up on Thursday! She is growing like a weed ;)

Height:  27.5 inches

Weight: 22lbs 1 oz

Clothes: 6-9 months, 6-12 months, 9 months

Diapers: Between a 3 and a 4


It’s kind of funny looking back at Emmalyne’s updates and seeing how they measure up with each other.  Emmalyne was 4 inches taller and Bryn is 4 pounds heavier at the same age!


Bryn 9 Months 1



Breastfeeding/Pumping/Baby Led Weaning

Breastfeeding and pumping is still going fantastically and I am THRILLED. I have barely touched my freezer stash so now I am SURE we will make it to one year old without a drop of formula hitting her lips. This is a huge personal victory for me because it was my biggest concern when I started PA school since she was only 5-weeks old. I am so thankful to my body for producing what Bryn needs and responding to pumping well. Bryn is an avid eater! She still takes 4 4oz bottles at “school” and I nurse her 2-3 times a day depending on her wants. For tips on pumping at work you can check out this post.  Baby Led Weaning is still going swimmingly and Bryn hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like!
Bryn 9 Months 2


If there’s one tiny area that I feel like we could improve on it would be sleep. When Bryn is HOME she takes two solid naps a day however she is too excited to be at school so she rarely naps there. That means that she can barely keep her eyes open past 6PM. I end up waking up with her once most every night. Such a trivial thing to want to improve but given my schedule a full night sleep makes a significant difference. However, I can’t complain because in every other area she is absolute perfection. She has also taken to sleeping with her Aden+Anais blankets the same way that Emmie did!

Bryn 9 Months 6


Bryn still is the sweetest little baby. She is SO excited when Chris or I come into the room and literally bounces for joy. Her smile fills my heart to the brim and her half-laugh is hilarious. Bryn pants like a puppy when she is excited and it’s seriously funny. She is now getting more into playing and currently loves books, her walker, and shoes. She has a serious thing for shoes.

Bryn 9 Months 5

On the Move

This month Bryn has taken to crawling like a pro. She has her belly off the ground and she is FAST. She is also pulling to standing and recently started letting go for a few seconds. There is no containing her now. It’s funny that with you first child you’re so excited for them to crawl/walk. This time around I am like “slow down! Mommy isn’t ready for this yet”.

Bryn 9 Months 4


The girls are still forming their relationship and I am loving watching it start to grow. Bryn loves to be where Emmalyne is and depending on the day Emmie loves “her Bryn” to be close to. I alternate between saving Bryn’s life from Emmie’s hands as she loves on her to discussing sharing with her big sister. Having a sister is one of life’s greatest blessings and I am happy my girls have each other! I am getting glimpses into what our life will be like down the road and I am excited!

Bryn 9 Months 3

Chris and I are truly blessed. We ask each other on a regular basis how we got so darn lucky with these two girls. They bring so much joy to my life and filled voids in my life that I never knew I had.

I love you sweet Bryn. You and Emmalyne are my sunshine!

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