Happy Wednesday friends!  I have had a great week so far in OB … Monday I even got to see my first vaginal birth!  It was crazy being on the other side of birth since the only deliveries I have been present at were my own.  Fun fact?  I worked with the doctor that delivered Bryn!  Any-who … I am working hard to stay on track eating wise so I am linking up with Jenn for WIAW to stay accountable!



Early morning blogger fail … I forgot to snap a pic.  I had sausage, egg white, and cheese on an English muffin.  I bought some of these Simple Truth breakfast sandwiches from Kroger and they have been great on mornings where I can’t get my life together.


Snack #1 & 2



Between patients I snacked on some Blue Diamond almonds which tided me over to lunch.  Before grabbing lunch though I hit the gym so I chugged a protein shake before hand so my stomach wouldn’t grumble while lifting weights.





I had a super long lunch due to patients canceling so after the gym I went to Atlanta Bread Company to study and eat.  I got French onion soup and a grilled cheese with a side of hepatitis ;)


Snack #3

Snack 2


I got home from work around 3:30 so while running around getting some chores done before getting the girls I had some pretzel thins and hummus.






Dinner was from the freezer … parmesan crusted tilapia and Alexia Harvest Blend sauté.  Love always having these on hand in the freezer for nights I just don’t feel like cooking but want to eat healthy.


Overall I feel ok about my eats yesterday.  They were a little carb heavy so I need to do a bit better planning out my meals.  I have been thinking for awhile about trying my hand at counting macros and seeing how it works for me.  We will see!  Off to work for the day :)


Do you count macros?  How do you like it?

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