Body After Baby #2: 9 Months

Now that Bryn is nine months old and I shared how she is doing, it’s time for another body after baby post!

Post Baby Body 9 Months

Body After Baby Measurements – 8 Months

9 Months Post Baby Measurements

Notice something in those numbers? Yup. I’m up a couple of pounds. Nothing to blame other than some pretty awful eating the month of August. I don’t know about you but when I am tired and stressed I tend to eat high fat foods and I made a couple trips too many to Chick-Fil-A. That is life.


I’ve been doing pretty good the last couple of weeks fitting in some solid weight sessions. My goals right now include building some solid muscle and I think I am on my way. I just bumped up my weights for bicep curls and lateral raises which is an awesome no-scale victory! PiYo is also REALLY helping my flexibility. I’ve been dealing with a painful SI joint in my right hip but my chiropractor is working his magic and it’s starting to feel better :) Running has taken a back-seat but hopefully with cooler weather my love for it will come back. I have minimal motivation to run in summer because it’s HOT and I am a wimp.


On the note of eating, obviously I can improve. Less for the scale and more for ME. I eat junk when I’m tired but eating junk makes me MORE tired. I am planning a FREE clean eating challenge in September. Would you be interested?? I am trying to get myself back on track over my break and would love some of you to join me! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at foodfitnessandfamily @ gmail . com if you want in! We all need a do-over and this is mine :) I am going to need all the energy in the world going into a tough 4th quarter ha.

Overall I am feeling really good. I don’t define myself by the scale and merely use it as a tracking tool since I like numbers. Right now I am more focused on FEELING good and that’s why I need to improve my eating habits and make sure to fit in exercise. I am at my best when I am eating right and moving more and PA school definitely makes that a challenge. My 3-week break is going to be SO good for a number of reasons – more time for my family and more time to focus on me! It’s all about that HARMONY instead of balance! Thanks Carla for teaching me that ;)

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