Three Things Thursday #1

Who is READY for the weekend?!  Please tell me I am not along in my 36 hour countdown.  We are heading out of town for a couple of days and I am PUMPED.  This week has been pretty busy in the clinic as I have been slowly increasing my patient volume.  I am officially seeing my minimum amount of patients and still surviving so I am pretty pumped.  I have so many random things that I have been wanting to share with you and haven’t had the chance so I am starting a new series called “Three Things Thursday” so I can update you on my randomness!


1 / Grey’s Anatomy rocks my socks

Greys Anatomy


My Netflix subscription has been getting a lot of use since I graduated PA school and officially have a life again.  After the kids go to bed and my work is done for the night I wind down by watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  It’s no shocker that I am fascinated by medical shows I am sure!  The best part is that Netflix just released episodes through season 12 so I can watch all the way through!  The girls have been LOVING the new episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge.  Bryn loves her dragons (although her increase in biting MIGHT be related to her passion for the TV show).  Other great shows to catch are Orange is the New Black or Grace and Frankie.


2 / Backpacks as big as my child

Bryn Bryn


First can we discuss how BIG Bryn looks here?  I need someone to hold me.  My baby is growing up too fast and time needs to slow down.  She is really big into “I do it!” and likes to buckle herself into her carseat and insists on carrying her massive backpack into school.  Her independence is both amazing and frightening because the girl doesn’t have an ounce of fear in her (unless there’s a bug involved).


3 // Homegrown Tomatoes



My mother-in-law helped me plant a container garden (more on that another day) when she was here after we moved.  I am not known to have a green thumb.  In fact I am pretty much a death sentence to most plants.  However, I have managed to keep some of my plants alive and I got to pick my first tomato yesterday!  Emmalyne LOVES helping with our garden and has been in awe of the little produce we have grown.  It’s been a great learning opportunity for her!  Not to mention nothing tastes better than produce you grey yourself.


That’s all I have for you today!  I would love to hear one of your things for Thursday!


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This post is part of my work with Netflix as a member of their #StreamTeam however I am a HUGE fan of Netflix and wasn’t paid to write about it 😉


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