Happy Wednesday friends!  Anyone else a tad thrilled that it’s already halfway through the week?!  I somehow managed to take photos of all my eats yesterday just in time for What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn!  I am feeling pretty good about how my eating has been going.  Meal prep has gone well and I have actually been sticking to my plan.





I managed to make a really good breakfast – a whole wheat English muffin, scrambled egg, thinly sliced cheese, and a slice of nitrate free bacon.  Iced coffee + coconut milk creamer on the side!


Snack #1

Snack 1


We had a break between patients so I snuck to the lounge to study a bit and have a good snack.  Sliced apples and Blue Diamond dark chocolate almonds.  Perfect balance to get through the rest of the morning.





Lunch was grilled Greek chicken, steamed broccoli, and 1/2 a sweet potato.  Side of berries for a touch of sweetness.


Snack #2

Snack 2


I picked up this seasonal Larabar this past weekend and am glad I did.  I loved the hint of pineapple but the texture of the coconut wasn’t my favorite.  Still a good overall flavor!





Dinner was from the freezer – Alexia roasted vegetable medley and a parmesan crusted tilapia.  Love having both of these on hand for days that get out of control.


There you have it!  A complete day of eats :)  Off to a busy day of call with my OB – we will be taking care of any acute OB/GYN patients so it should be interesting!

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