Balance is a Sparkly Unicorn

Ready for some coffee talk this Monday?  Good.  Me too.  I feel like I have to address the topic of “balance” and how I feel about it.  I feel like balance is a sparkly unicorn that we desperately hope exists but is really and truly a figment of our imagination.  One source defines balance as an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.  If that were true, and my life were balanced, it would look something like this:





I would have an even amount of time allocated for all the areas of my life.  Nothing would be neglected.  Everything would be fair.  But that’s not how it is.


And that’s ok.


It’s difficult to find the perfect balance of work, home, and self when you’re living a chaotic life.  Trust me, I know.  Right now I feel like 70% of my waking hours are spent dedicated to my work (school) another 25% to the family and then there’s a measly 5% left for myself.  I am running on fumes, getting testy, and desperately ready for my upcoming break.  These feelings are the indications to me that things are remarkably unbalanced in my life right now.


If I had felt like this 5 years ago I would have felt like a failure.  I would have been overwhelmed and probably crying in a corner.  But I have learned SO much about myself, what I need, and how to pull myself out of this mess and move on.  Because another definition  says that balance is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.


Maybe things don’t have to be perfect little triangles on a pie chart.  Maybe instead we can allocate the amount of time based on current NEED.  Right now I need to spend more time with school so that my family will benefit in the long run.  That’s putting things in the correct proportion.  I also need to carve out a little time for myself – to do the things that make me happy.  That includes reading, blogging, and fitting in my workouts.  My family will always be my #1 priority and therefore more time will be spent for them because it matters.


Finding our own balance is what is important.  How YOU put things into correct portions is uniquely you.  How I do it is uniquely me.  Rather than worry about how you compare to others spend some time determining what YOUR perfect portions are because they are perfect only to you.  While it may seem like some people have more time, or have this whole balance thing figured out, I guarantee that’s not the case.  Everyone struggles with balance whether or not they admit it.


So I challenge you guys this week to not look at all the things you COULD be doing and instead focus on what you ARE doing.  Be happy, grateful, and proud of your accomplishments.  Embrace your perfect portions and keep on moving in life because you know what.  You’re going to be just fine.

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