When To Say YES

We all do it.  We beat ourselves up after making a day full of bad food decisions.  We question our resolve to eating right and being healthy.  We doubt our will power.  BUT it is ok to just say “yes” every once in awhile.

Today was my YES day.  It started off innocent enough…


Oatmeal with a little brown sugar and some raisins mixed with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder.

I took my time this morning since I woke up “early” for me at 7:30AM.  I didn’t feel quite right but I still dragged myself to the gym.

At the gym I managed to get my biceps/triceps/shoulders weight routine in.  By this time I was DEFINITELY nauseous.  Being preggo you never know when the nausea is going to hit.  I have been extremely prone to it my entire pregnancy – although lately have been doing pretty good.

This is where YES takes over my vocabulary.

French fries and cheeseburger for lunch?  Yes please.  It was the ONLY thing that even sounded enticing so YES it was.

It helped settle my queasiness and allowed me to get ready for my conference that I had to attend this afternoon and had to look presentable for.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Transition Team’s conference today.  Basically it was a sensing session with Army family members trying to see what we, as the family members, thought were the biggest issues facing Army families over the next 5-8 years.  It was conducted by a Brigadier General picked by General Odierno.  It was really interesting listening to the other spouses.  I felt honored to be able to give my opinion and just be a part of it.  As a “junior” officer’s wife in the Army it gave me some more insight into some of the problems our families are facing.

Needless to say, by the time the conference was over I wasn’t feeling good AGAIN.  So more french fries?  Yes please.

I came home and napped for a bit until the hubs came home.  He knew he was probably cooking his own dinner when I didn’t make an effort to get off the bed.  He made mac’n’cheese and salmon for himself.  Fake cheesy goodness?  Sounds good.


The point of this post is that it’s OK to have a YES day even if you pride yourself for eating healthy and staying fit.  If you DON’T indulge every once in awhile then to me you’re not really living.  Life is too short to not give in to temptation occasionally.

Just don’t make your occasionally, daily.  Mmk?

Back to healthy eating tomorrow :)

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  1. "Just don't make your occasionally, daily. Mmk?"

    hahaha… I found that hilarious. But such a true post :)

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