Made the same blueberry pancakes as yesterday because I needed to eat up my blueberries before leaving the hubs to fend for himself tomorrow.  Still, so good!

Didn’t make it to the gym today … too many other things going on to get ready for my trip.  

This morning we had Rob’s Change of Command ceremony.  It’s always a bittersweet time for the Soldier and their family.  Command is the highlight of an Officer’s career and it always seems seriously hard for them to hand it over to someone else.  I was glad I could be there to support such good friends.

After the COC Chris and I went to lunch at Chilis with several of our friends.  I like Chilis but it isn’t my first choice – especially due to the lack of healthy options.  Good news though … I was craving a burger today so it was win-win!

To be honest I lost my steam this afternoon.  Being out in the heat this morning combined with a less than stellar night of sleep last night left me drained so I took a nap :)

When I got up I still wasn’t feeling that great but I HAD to pack for tomorrow.  I LOVE lists and love using said lists when I have to pack.  Without one I will absolutely forget something.  Without a doubt.

I lay everything out on my bed and cross it off the list as it goes in the suitcase.  

Trigger didn’t want to get up from our nap either so he moved his snuggle fest to the couch.  Lazy puggle.  Haha.


Whole wheat grilled cheese and strawberries.  Still wasn’t feeling great so something easy was a must.

Spending the rest of the night snuggling the hubby and pups.  I know this might sound pathetic but I am seriously going to miss the hubs while I am gone.  This will be our first time apart since he came home from Afghanistan.  Separation anxiety?  Maybe.  Haha.

Tomorrow is “What I Ate Wednesday” over at Jenn’s blog.  You should join in 😉