WIAW Version Three

It’s that time again … time for the coolest blog party around…


Egg+2 egg white scramble with turkey and spinach, multigrain English muffin with PB and jam, and half a grapefruit.


Spinach salad with cucumber, tomato, green pepper, carrots, and avocado with a light caesar dressing.  I also had a tangelo :)

Cinnamon and sugar pita chips = new obsession.  AMAZING.


Crock-pot chicken chili with rice :)

Today was still kind of a catch-up day.  Got up and made the hubby and I both breakfast (he did two hours of Cross-Fit this morning and was STARVING).  Pulled myself together and went to the gym,

45 minutes of elliptical intervals for 3.6 miles

The rest of the afternoon I cleaned out my pantry, made a list of organizational materials I need to perfect said pantry, packed some of the baby stuff for the move, made a list for our baby shopping spree this weekend, started laundry, and cleaned the bathroom.

After doing all of this I was DONE.  This third trimester business is no joke.  The hubby came home from work to find a blob of a wife passed out on the couch.  Attractive, I am sure 😉

Good news is – he is finishing the laundry and cleaned the kitchen.  Now all I have to do is pay him in a back massage and head to bed. SCORE.  

What did you eat today?

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3 thoughts on “WIAW Version Three”

  1. hellooooo gorgeous colorful eats! i'm living off of moving pantry staples so…. pb+j and canned beans and rice and boring boring boring. is it moving day yet? =)

    happy wiaw maddie! can i call you maddie!? lol!

  2. I'm DREADING the task of pantry organization when I get back up to school in Orlando this weekend haha. No bueno :(

  3. @Jenn – of course you can call me Maddy 😉 Moving is always an adventure but just think about when you're all unpacked and cooking up a storm…until then, deep healing breaths!

    @Brittany – I know right? I kind of love organizing though and I am headed out to Target today to pick up some bins etc. Haha.

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