One Week Post-Baby Body Update

As I have mentioned before, part of my current focus for this blog is to chronicle my journey back to my pre-baby body.  This update is a little late but here goes:

Weight at hospital check in: 172
Current weight: 149
Pounds lost: 23
Pounds to go to pre-pregnancy weight: 9
Pounds to goal weight: 14

To be honest, I am pretty amazed as to where I am at 12 days postpartum.  I can wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes (pants using the hair tie trick).  It felt awfully good to pack up my maternity clothes :)  I attribute the quick weight loss to a couple of things:

1.  I stayed active during my pregnancy
2.  Breastfeeding

I will update with my progress :)


Breakfast sandwich: egg+egg white scramble with cheese, spinach, and bacon on whole wheat Rudi’s English muffin with flax and strawberries.

Emmie decided that she was going to be awake ALL morning so I didn’t get much on my ‘to do’ list done today.  That’s ok though – I got a lot of baby snuggles :)


Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with spinach, cheese, and mustard.  Carrots and 1/2 honeycrisp apple on the side.  

I went back to the gym today!!  My doctor told me to listen to my body and go with what felt good.  So I did :)

I did 2 sets of 15 reps each for the following exercises.  I got this work-out from Julie over at PB Fingers
Superset 1: front shoulder raise + tricep dips
Superset 2: chest press + upright row
Superset 3: bicep curls + tricep extensions
Superset 4: overhead press + barbell row
Tricep Pushdowns
Mac Raises
Lat Pull Down

I also did Julie’s 20 minute interval blast work-out with some adaptations … IE: slowing things down.  I ended up doing 1.41 miles.  Although it was slow, it felt good to run again!


Vanilla yogurt with pumpkin and raisin cereal.  


Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili.  You can find the recipe here.

Its 7:50PM and I am exhausted.  I guess having a newborn does that to you 😉

Before I go …

We gave Em her first bath last night.  She LOVED it!

Look how calm/peaceful so looked in her PJ’s before going to bed :)

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  1. Aw maddy you look awesome! I really can't wait till I can work on getting my body back after baby. I think it'll be fun lol!

  2. You look AMAZING! and your little girl just may be the most beautiful little one ever! I look forward to getting inspired by you as we weigh just about the same and my goal is to stay as active as you (I am 10 weeks preggo with baby 3. I will be checking in with you a lot so I keep the motivation to work out throughout this pregnancy. I quit around 33 weeks last time.

  3. @Maria – thanks chica!

    @Skinnie Piggie – aww!! thank you!!

    @Caroline – congratulations!! Enjoy your pregnancy! You can do it!

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