I am super excited today!

I went to BodyPump at a local gym today for the first time (first time there, not first time doing pump).  While there I found out they are doing a Les Mills BodyFlow certification there in 2 weeks and were interested in having me get my cert and start teaching! 

So … I am registered!  I can’t wait!

BodyFlow is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  Totally right up my ally.  

Also, they are in need of a ballet sub because the current instructor is pregnant.  I am sitting in on the class next week to see if it’s a fit :)

Eats: didn’t get to photograph today.  Emmie was in a mood and I am not feeling that great tonight.

We spent the afternoon at the doctor for the Emster.  She has a ton of red bumps all over her face and now on her legs.  Three doctors and 4 residents later and they aren’t 100% sure what is going on.  They are thinking infantile acne with a weird presentation.  BUT we are following up tomorrow with one of the doctors (dermatologist/former peds) to see what he thinks after another night.  Luckily they don’t think it is anything alarming.  Prayers would be appreciated just in case 😉

See you tomorrow with my Thanksgiving prep!

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