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First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing friend Maria over at A Life to Bragg About.  She welcomed a sweet baby BOY to this world on November 8.  I am trying to get out to visit her because I want to squeeze his sweet cheeks and Em wants to meet her future boyfriend 😉 … PS … Maria, if Em and Caleb ended up marrying would their kids end up 1/2 Korean because each of them is 1/4?  Haha.

Anyways, I have mentioned it before on the blog but I am borderline OCD about things being neat and tidy and clean.  I have always been a list maker and a planner, so when I was pregnant I started worrying about how I would manage to keep up with everything when Em finally made her arrival.  Being a SAHM right now, I take pride in keeping a clean house and making dinner every almost every night.  I came across a post over at Haute Mommy that reminded me that there are others out there like me :)  Her post was very informative and helpful!

Off of my kitchen I hung a bulletin board for my ‘lists’ and hooks for various bags, jackets, and hats.  Just Mommies has been an awesome tool to utilize!  They post monthly chore charts which have you tackle certain chores each day.  These are things that many of us either forget to do or put off.  By breaking it down into daily tasks they got done regularly and you don’t ever feel overwhelmed :)  The best part is is that there are scheduled ‘catch up days’ where you can finish tasks you may not have gotten to!  LOVE IT!

I altered their Weekly Cleaning Tasks to match what I find to be the most important things around my house.  IE: we have to do laundry 2x per week and because of the dogs I vacuum multiple times too.  

Now … having a baby has taught me to ‘let go’ and be more flexible when it comes to my daily tasks.  There are some days where we end up just cuddling and that’s fine by me.  Having a plan though ensures that things don’t go neglected for an extended period of time.  This plan would have worked wonders for me when I was working full time and didn’t have a baby too.

To help with the ‘what’s for dinner’ problem I weekly meal plan.  Chris and I go grocery shopping on Saturdays and I have a plan for what we are eating each night.  I almost always have a frozen pizza on hand though for crazy days 😉

Finally, working out is very important to me so I make sure to schedule it in my calendar.  On the weekend I take a few minutes and plan out my work-out week … what days I am doing CrossFit, weights, cardio, etc.  This way, when I am getting ready to head to the gym in the morning I just grab the index card with that days workout on it and I am set.  I was wasting time not having a plan at the gym and now I am in and out … essential with a baby!

This might seem crazy to some of you but it honestly makes my life run smoother and more efficiently.  I always have time at night for some ‘me’ time and just spending time with my hubby and baby.  :)

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Home Organization”

  1. Not gonna lie…it's a little crazy…but if I could stay at home I would probably do the same…I do love making lists and crossing stuff off. The only list I am still good about making is the groceries and meal plan. Maybe i will steal your idea when I am on maternity leave.

  2. Haha I completely blame my mom – she was very particular about cleaning. PLUS I have a hot-mess of a husband who leaves his stuff EVERYWHERE. Plus having 2 dogs leads to major messes :)

    I just foundthat breaking up the cleaning throughout the week allowed for more quality family time on the weekend. The hubs and I used to spend Sundays cleaning but now I want him to spend that time with the baby since he is at work all week and could deploy again :)

  3. I love the cleaning sched!! Totally need to devise something like that. See, I don't get myself sometimes, because there are definite things I need lists for (studying for school, grocery list, to do's relating to things I need to get, cook or bake lol – very random, I know), but then for things like, say cleaning, I'll randomly just do it and that's probably why I get so overwhelmed. I also love the workout daytimer. I seriously want a daytimer for everything I do. I just bought this new notebook which I plan to use to jot down all the interesting things I come across (like a product I want to try that someone blogged about or something that caught my interest that someone said on the radio, you know, those sort of things).

    You can totally post on this subject again, anytime 😉

  4. I love this post! You know I'm the same way with organization, I'm nuts about it…and it's totally okay to be :) Also, thanks for the shoutout. I really do hope you can Emmy can make your way here one day, we'd all have way too much fun!

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