Post Baby Body Update: 1 Month

As promised … here is my 1 month postpartum body update.

To be honest I am a little disappointed.  I haven’t lost any more weight since my last update.  Bummer.  

*Completely unattractive pictures that aren’t the best representation.  Note the spit-up on my shirt. Not my best look but hey, I’m a mom ๐Ÿ˜‰

High Waist: 32″
Around the belly: 34″
Hips: 38″
Right Thigh: 20″
Weight: 149lbs

Sigh.  I know I can’t complain.  I have 9lbs to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think I have a solid couple of pounds located now in my chest though that wasn’t there before haha.

So why do I think I have stalled?  One, I hear it is pretty common in women to have a hard time getting the last few pounds off.  Your body is storing it because of the energy you expend breastfeeding.  Two, I could definitely be eating better.  I eat healthy for the most part but there are WAY too many indulgences making their way into my diet that were never there before I got pregnant.  Must. Say. No. To. Donuts.

Another factor I am taking into consideration though is the increase in the intensity of my work-outs.  I am been doing some serious weight exercises between lifting and CrossFit so I have to wonder if any of that is muscle that is keeping me where I am at.

What am I going to do about it?  Work on upping my level of cardio and work on my diet.

Any-who … I got my latest issue of Oxygen magazine and in it was this 30-minute treadmill work-out.  I did it today and it was pretty good!


November Oxygen 30-Minute Treadmill Work-Out

CrossFit WOD:
15 Hand-Stand Push Ups (progression found here)
50 Pull-Ups (used the Gravitron machine)
50 Push-Ups (modified)

And on to my eats for the day…


Egg+egg white scramble with spinach.  Whole-Wheat bagel thin with PB and banana.


Turkey sandwich on whole-wheat with spinach, cheese, and mustard.  Honeycrisp apple on the side.


Buffalo chicken burger on whole-wheat bun with American cheese and lettuce.  Homemade baked potato wedges.  Steamed green beans.

And just to make you smile…

Any tips on breaking through the weight-loss plateau caused by breastfeeding?  Any other tips??

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4 thoughts on “Post Baby Body Update: 1 Month”

  1. You look great …your arms are so toned. At one month out you just need to keep up the exercise and give it time. Just watch…all of a sudden you will not be able to keep weight on as that little girl starts to drink your calories away. it does take a bit for your body to regulate, and then the weight comes off like magic!

  2. Girl, you still look great, regardless if you lost any weight since the last update! Those 9 pounds will be gone before you know it

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