Emmalyne: Month Two

Two months … please make time stop!  These last two months have been the most amazing two months of my life.  Every day I grow more and more in awe of this sweet angel.  Didn’t see Emmalyne’s one month update?  Find it here!

So how does Emmalyne measure up?

Height: 24 inches (98%)
Weight: 12lb 1oz (90%)

She absolutely loves to hold her hands across her chest.  When she does she looks so peaceful … almost like she is meditating.  

It’s so funny how much her personality is starting to come through.  She is happiest first thing in the morning and usually greets us with many smiles when we change her diaper!  The cutest thing is she has started discovering her voice and has little conversations with us.  I love it!

We have really adjusted to her new schedule.  She goes down for her naps incredibly well … on most days that is 😉  She sleeps for a solid 6 hour stretch at night which is awesome!  Hopefully she will start extending that a little bit more soon.

I really think she grows every single day.  I put on an outfit the other day that she wore home from the hospital … it fits now!  In fact, the legs are a little short.  I just want time to stand still.

I am so incredibly thankful.  I can’t believe that God trusted ME with this treasure.  She has taught me so much in these last two months … I look forward to a lifetime full of lessons.

I love you sweet baby.  You are my sunshine.

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7 thoughts on “Emmalyne: Month Two”

  1. Oh she is such a pretty baby!!! Time just keeps speeding up, I swear it was just yesterday that I was making Ally's 2 month post, and she'll be one next week! :( get lots of cuddles in!

  2. She is SO pretty and precious!!!

    I just love how photogenic and angelic she is 😀

    That headband is so sweet

    I LOVE it all!!!!

  3. she is soo beautiful, and yes I know what you mean by wanting time to stand still, they grow up so fast!!!! too fast, your doing a wonderful job with her, love ya, all, Aunt Dawn,

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