Love Me Tender

Last night the hubs and I took advantage of being with family (aka built in babysitters) to get out for a date night.  Excuse the poor quality photos … I used my simple point and shoot and therefore the quality stinks.

Date Night Outfit
Dress: Target (recent)
Belt: JCrew
 Boots: Hmm have to check

We decided on Tender Steak and Seafood at the Luxor.  Definitely on the pricey end but totally worth it.

The atmosphere was really nice.  We got a big, cushy booth all to ourselves.  The lights were nice and dim and the restaurant pretty empty since it was a Wednesday night (the crowds came into town today for New Years Eve).

They brought out a bread basket for starters: multigrain, sourdough, and a feta cheese bread.  The feta bread was amazing!  Super moist and just a hint of feta taste.

Wine: Solgio Brut, Prosecco 
We considered this a special occasion and split a bottle.  So light and bubbly.  Loved it!

Appetizer: Mediterranean Vegetarian Mezza
hummus, roasted eggplant puree, marinated olives, roasted peppers, grilled artichokes, feta cheese, pita and lavash.

The eggplant puree was AMAZING.  I honestly didn’t know I even liked eggplant but fell in love with this puree.  The hummus was good … the lemon was a bit much though.  The lavish was super good too!

Main Course (me): Certified Black Angus Omaha Beef Filet Minon (8oz)

Main Couese (hubs): American Kobe Wagyu Snake River Farms, Idaho Beef Top Sirloin (12oz)

Holy beef heaven.  These were by far the best steaks that Chris or I have EVER had.  I had mine with a red wine sauce on the side … pure heaven.  The meat was tender (hehe) and cooked to perfection.  

From Tender … all our meat is sourced from ranchers that raise their animals humanely, fed with no animal-byproducts and without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.  

I really feel like I could taste the difference!  Tender is really big on sustainability which is right up my alley.

Side: Lyonnaise Potato Gratin
Roasted onion cheddar sauce with sour cream and chive


Dessert: Campfire-more than a-S’More
Toasted homemade marshmallows, peanut butter gelato, warm flourless chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, and graham cracker cookies.

OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  This is one of the best desserts EVER.  Every piece of this dessert was amazing.  The homemade marshmallow was so gooey and warm.  The peanut butter gelato was delicious.  Amazing.

Overall we absolutely loved our food and experience at Tender.  Again, it is pricier but we don’t go out to fine dining very often so we were cool with it.  If you are in Vegas, ready to drop some dollars, head to Tender.  You won’t be disappointed.

After dinner we hit the casino.  We are high-rollers and play the penny slots.  Our favorite machine is the Monopoly machine and will rate your casino based on which version you have.  At the Luxor they had the Grand Hotel version … meh I have played better.  We lost some money there and then walked to New York New York.  They had a different version which was WAY more fun.  We were up money and should of walked away … BUT didn’t.  Isn’t that always how it is?  You may have won the battle Monopoly, but you haven’t won the war.  We will be back.

The lobby of the Luxor is a tribute to Egypt.  Super cool!

New York, New York at night.  I think it is so pretty and fun :)

We headed home at 10PM.  We have seriously aged in the short 3 months of Emmalyne’s life and thought we were ballers for staying out that late.  We were anxious to get home to our sweet baby.  She was snug as a bug in her bed and slept until 5AM this morning.  Score.

What’s one of your favorite date nights with your special someone?

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