1/2 Marathon Training Plan

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If you had a busy weekend here is a quick recap of what we were up to:

Some of my fabulous readers asked me to post my 1/2 marathon training plan so here it I go!  I plan on following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Plan for this race.  I chose Hal because:

1.  I successfully completed my first 1/2 marathon using his beginner’s plan.

2.  I am trying to PR so the built in speed work and tempo runs should help me with that.

3.  I am not yet an experienced enough runner to make my own plan.

The Go! St. Louis race is April 15 so my training is broken down as such:

A couple of notes about my training:
  • I still plan on doing CrossFit 2-3 times per week.  I will probably do it on my “easy” runs.
  • I will be teaching BodyFlow weekly … either on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday so I will adjust accordingly.
  • I definitely want to make sure I am still lifting weights and doing yoga for cross training
  • I adjusted some of the long run days because I know we have a commitment that day.
That’s pretty much it!  I did my 5 mile run yesterday and average 9:45 min/mile!  Super excited and it makes me think that my 10 min/mile goal pace might just be attainable 😉

Have you run a 1/2 marathon?  If so, did you use a training plan?