Emmalyne: Month Three

Three months have passed … is that even possible?  It truly is amazing how days blur together and before you know it another month has passed.  I am now beginning to understand how my mom felt as I grew up and reached my milestones.  If you blink … you miss it.

New to Emmie’s Monthly Updates?  

Since we didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month I can only assume Emmie has grown some more.  What I do know is that she is now wearing Carter’s size 6 months for her sleep and plays … oh my goodness!  She is just so LONG that her big little feet just can’t fit into the 3 month size anymore.

Gone are the days where she will just let me pose her with her lovey … she’d much rather eat it!  She also no longer likes to be on her back.  I have to prop her up to sitting, put her in her boppy or bumbo, or hold her forward facing.  Little girl just is so amazed by the world that she can’t miss a moment.

One of her biggest discoveries this month was finding her hands.  Now I have a hard time keeping it out of her mouth!  It’s kind of nice though because she has learned how to self soothe when her paci falls out … she just sticks her hand in!  It’s a game each day to see if she can successfully stick her whole fist in 😉  She also has learned to grab onto her ring toys and bat at her car seat toys and play mat.  I love seeing her discover new things!

We are still more smiles than tears over here.  We have been so blessed with a good eater, good sleeper, and happy baby.  I told Chris that I am scared for kid #2 because Em has just been so easy!  Our schedule is still going smoothly (minus the last 2 days due to a growth spurt) and she is napping like a champ!

She loves taking walks, reading books, singing songs, and watching mommy in the kitchen from her bouncy seat.  She is becoming quite the mama’s girl which is both a blessing and a curse … blessing because I selfishly get most of her snuggles but curse because sometimes I am the only one who can soothe her and mama’s got stuff to do too!  Em is not the biggest fan of tummy time but is getting better at it all the time.  She has rolled back to front twice but not again.  I think she’s like ‘well now I know how to do that so why expend the energy’?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I am so blessed and thankful for the this sweet baby girl.  I still am awestruck by her and take thousands a few photos of her everyday.  Emily and I discussed creating a camera happy moms support group.  I think I know a few people who’d join in.  Haha.

I love you baby girl.  You are my sunshine :)

PS … notice someone in the background?  Bailey is where Emmie is.  End of story.  They are bff’s for life yo.

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  1. Ok I have to know, are you using a photo editing software, I am thinking about buying one…

  2. She just gets more and more beautiful! Time really does fly with a baby, doesn't it?

  3. Thank you! Jake is pretty darn cute himself 😉 And time certainly does fly … makes me sad!

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