Post Baby Body Update: Month 3

You  can see me 1 month and 2 month updates here and here.  A quick recap …

How am I looking now?

Stats …

What has changed?

I am still counting calories and I really think upping my caloric intake has helped me drop a pound.  Considering this last mont included a two week vacation AND Christmas I take that as a win!  I also downloaded an App to my iPhone that helps me track my water intake.  The cool thing is is that it factors in both exercise AND breastfeeding.  According to it I need about 13 glasses of water per day.  All I have to do is tap the screen when I drink a glass and it records it.  By the end of the day I can see how much I am lacking and make up for it!  LOVE IT!

Working Out

I am still getting to the gym 5-6 days per week.  I took a little time off over the holidays but still managed to squeeze in a couple of runs and some CrossFit with Chris.  I start team teaching BodyFlow in a week also.  I am mixing up steady state cardio, weights, CrossFit, HITT, and yoga.  I am so excited to finally see some progress being made :)  I am also starting to train for my 2nd half marathon!

Need some inspiration?  Try this CrossFit inspired workout:

3 rounds
Box Jumps

Do each exercise for one minute.  Repeat circuit three times. My stats ended up being these:

Plank: 3
Burpees: 43
Squats: 102
Pull-Ups: 60
Box Jumps: 57


I think I am getting on track now.  I would like to lose 1-1.5 pounds per month.  I think that is both a realistic and healthy goal.  I have also really cleaned up my diet and want to continue to incorporate as many whole foods and fruits/veggies as I can into each meal.

Overall I am feeling a lot more confident this month which feels great.  My “fat” jeans are zipping a little easier too!  I am proud of myself for continuing to push myself and not let myself fall into a lazy mindset.  I want to be healthy and happy so I can be the best I can be for these special people … 

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12 thoughts on “Post Baby Body Update: Month 3”

  1. You are so much more motivated than I am… I need to get back into a regular fitness routine, then whenever we decide to have a family I will definitely be looking at your pregnancy work-outs/diets!

  2. wow, you are a data collecting crazy person- so up my alley. You look great and love the daddy/baby shot.

  3. Haha seeing inches go away has helped me SO much since the pounds haven't been flying off. If I am losing inches I am happy :)

  4. I think I'll keep them 😉 COME ON ELLA!! Aunt Maddie wants a text saying your mommy is in labor!!

  5. You look great, that hard work is paying off. I swear a woman's body has to spread out so much for babies and then starts to narrow again slowly. In this months pic you look like your hips and ribs have narrowed. Fit mamas rock!

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