Getting Back On Track

After an indulgent week of vacationing in Phoenix … and one too many dinners out.  It is time to get back on track.  For me, it’s necessary to take a minute to sit down and make a plan to getting back into my normal routine.  So how am I getting back on schedule?


1.  I’m chugging water.

Hello there old friend … While I was in Arizona my water consumption was seriously lacking.  I was on the go so much that I just wasn’t thinking enough about it.  I have been drinking water since walking in the door yesterday.


2.  I made my meal plan for the week.  I planned healthy meals AT HOME for us all week.  We also went to the grocery store and stocked our fridge full of yummy, healthy food.


3.  I prepped my food.

I find that if I take some time to chop all my fruits and veggies both Chris and I eat it more later!  Also, I stored my food in clear containers so I can easily see what is in it and make healthy choices when the munchies hit.


4.  I went for a run.  I had 7 miles on my 1/2 marathon training plan for yesterday but since we were in St. Louis I made it up today.  Chris went with me and we took turns pushing Emmie in our jogging stroller.  This was our first run with our BOB and it was SO smooth!  I plan on doing a full review of it later because I LOVE it.  My knee and hips definitely felt it on the run but I kept a respectable 10:20 minute pace while battling wind, conquering hills, and pushing the stroller.


5.  I scheduled my workouts for the week.  I schedule my workouts at the beginning of the week.  Doing so helps me stay on track and prioritize my time to make sure I fit them in.


By taking these steps I feel like I am ready for the week and ready to get back to my version of normal.  Of course there are a ton of chores thrown into the mix as well 😉

How do you get back on track after vacation?