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I have the honor of being a contributor over on Talia’s site Bite Size Wellness so I am thrilled to be featuring her here on my blog today!  Bite Size Wellness is a great site dishing up health tips in bite size pieces!  Make sure to check it out :)


Have a Bite of the City Life Anywhere on the Map

Hiya Food, Fitness and Family readers! My name is Talia from Bite Size Wellness where I write about head-to-toe wellness served in bite size portions. I am thrilled that Madeline is welcoming me on her turf to chat bite size style. I recently moved to NYC from Colorado with my new husband and have been on a journey to find a happy balance of wellness and city fun ever since.

One of my biggest city shocks was the amount of time I spend out and about. Not that I wasn’t doing outdoor activities in Colorado, but my car was taking me to most places. Here there is no avoiding the street to get from point A to point B. I have a new appreciation for my feet!

Some of my metropolitan life healthy habits can be easily adapted wherever you are. Here are a few to “bite” into as you get started on the small steps to wellness path:

Get Moving: Living in a city with no car forces me to walk A LOT and I have to say I am grateful for the extra steps I take in everyday because of it. The beauty of physical activity is that small steps really do add up to bigger changes. Rack up your foot mileage in your hometown by:

  • Avoiding the front row of the parking lot. Park your car several rows from the store entrance (and far from the cart drop off too so you can get some additional steps in when returning the cart too).
  • Taking an extra loop around the grocery store perimeter aisles.
  • Using the restroom that is one floor down (or up) from your office.
  • Cut escalators out of your life. If there is one thing that New York has too many of it is stairs (I live on a 5th floor walk-up!) but my legs appreciate the extra workout day in and day out.
  • Going remote-less by getting up to change the TV channels (or volume or input or…)
  • When brushing your teeth march around the house (those pearly whites will appreciate the extra time from your pacing).
  • Adopt the after-dinner stroll as a nightly habit.
  • At a restaurant with a wait? Don’t just stand there. Use that extra time to clock some extra steps by cruising around the restaurant perimeter (same goes for the waiting room of the doctor’s office…which will ALWAYS happen).
  • Take your cell phone chat outdoors and walk around the block.
  • The mall is a great walking ground. Shop and step!


Take it Outside:  When living in Colorado I rarely, if ever, visited my neighborhood park. There were paths and open sidewalks everywhere so I never had a need to. One of the best parts about the city is the appreciation they have for their limited park space that can always double as a workout arena. I recommend you get familiar with your neighborhood park so you aren’t missing out like I was. Central Park (one of my favorite places in the whole city) has been a great outlet for activity off the sidewalk. I have run races through there, gone on leisurely jogs with friends and went on a walk for a laid back picnic. I also had an opportunity to do yoga in Bryant Park and there isn’t much better than outdoor yoga. …just sayin’! Get a group of friends together to play Frisbee, do a mini-boot camp on the grass or practice your downward dog in the fresh air. Your park is so much more than a swing set! Make the most of this open space.

The Great Lawn on a beautiful day.

Speed it Up: I have always heard that people here walk really fast, but it is no joke. People wait around for nothing. They are crossing the street pre-walk sign, practically sprinting past tourists and charging to the subway. Walking in NYC is at a whole new level. With that said I have learned to love the hustle bustle and brought my walking skills up a notch. Bring the New York City vigor to your day-to-day life by speeding up your treadmill run, walking at a faster pace when you are out and about or zipping through your chore list. The New York mentality is not for everyone, but every once in a while we need a little oomph in our step!

Feel the need for speed!

Soon you will all be walking and wandering around at a New Yorker pace!


Talia Tugman lives in New York City with her nearly new husband. In an effort to be in touch with living a healthy lifestyle in a new city, Talia is sharing enlightened wellness living information with others served in bite size portions on her blog BiteSizeWellness.com.



 Thanks Talia!  If you are interested in being a featured blogger, shoot me an email at:
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