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I am super excited to bring you Caitlin today!  I recently found her blog and I LOVE it!  It has a little bit of eveything I love … beauty, fashion, and fitness! 

Hi my name is Caitlin and I’m so excited to be featured onFood, Fitness and Family it’s such a great site! I’m a television reporter andproducer, beauty editor and lifestyle blogger at www.fitfabcities.com and I live inSeattle with my husband. I love fashion and adore finding affordable piecesfrom places like Zara and H&M that look stylish without breaking the bank.I’m incredibly passionate about fitness and healthy living, in fact, I wrote afitness book while in college and I’ve been teaching fitness classes for thepast seven years. My healthy living philosophy is all about moderation (I’mpretty much always on the lookout for the best cheese pizza!) and makingfitness fun and accessible. I’m excited to share this printable at home workoutwith you and I feature a new ones weekly on my website. Hope you like! HappyWorkout!


·      You just need a set of dumbbells and enough room to do pushups and some cardio moves.

·      Take as many breaks as you need and take breaks whenever you need them. For example, 30 pushups is a lot so break them up into groups of 10.

·      Shoulder burn reps* is as follows: 10 shoulder presses, 10 shoulder raises to the side, 10 shoulder raises to the front.

·      Plie Pulses: get into a low plie position with toes turned out toward the side and make tiny one inch pulse movements up and down for 30 reps.

·      Variations: You can go through once but if you want more of a challenge go through a second time but drop the reps to 20 and if you want even more of a challenge go through a third time a drops the reps to 10. Keep the cardio intervals (high knees, mountain climbers, burpees) at 30 seconds.

·      Drink plenty of water and put on your favorite playlist or watch your favorite TV show and watch the time fly by! J

I did this workout in my living room tonight … 3 times thru.  It was pretty awesome!  Thanks Caitlin and make sure you head over to Fit Fab Cities!

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