Crisis Averted

Yesterday we had a near crisis of epic proportions.  It was so narrowly averted that I am still shaking.  We almost lost a very important item.  But I will get there in a second 😉


I go up early to tackle the easy 3 mile run I had on my training schedule.  I ate my normal pre-run breakfast:



Emmie and I headed on to base to hit our favorite jogging trail … the same one I ran to tackle my 8 mile long run last week!



*Take note of what Emmie is holding…

It was an absolutely beautiful morning out.  PERFECT running weather!  I started my run and decided to shoot to average 9:40 min/mile.  At mile 1.7 Emmie started screaming.  I tried putting her paci in … no good.  I went to give squeak her Sophie the giraffe …. and Sophie was gone.  PANIC.  Any mom out there knows that when you find a toy that your baby LOVES it is worth more than all the mani/pedis in the world.  I immediately turned around and headed back the exact direction I came to retrace my steps and hopefully rescue our beloved squeaking friend.  Emmie cried the whole time … I am sure she knew Sophie was gone.


The 1/4 miles ticked by … and no Sophie.  By this time I was running as hard as my legs would allow me (mind you I’m pushing a stroller uphill at this point) and round myself running my last mile at 8:30/mile.  WOW.  I may or may not have been saying the St. Anthony prayer over and over as my cadence … When we were almost to the car and there was no sign of Sophie I started calculating how much Amazon would charge me for overnight shipping.  Then I started wondering how we were going to get through the rest of the day and tomorrow without Emmie’s favorite teether.  Then I called my mom and lamented our loss.  When I rounded the last corner to my car I saw something on the ground …



THANK YOU GOD.  I seriously said that out loud at that moment.  I know God left Sophie there for me because He knows that it would be cruel and unusual punishment for a mom to lose her baby’s favorite toy in the midst of cutting their first tooth.

Besties for life.

BUT I had my fastest 3 miles while pushing the BOB today!  Maybe I need to think Sophie is lost more often?  I ended up averaging 9:23/mile which is WAY faster than the 10:30/mile I did on Tuesday :)


I know it might seem silly to some of you that I got all wound up over thinking I lost a silly little giraffe but that giraffe is seriously one of the only things that helps Emmie when her gums start hurting.  That giraffe is priceless and a honorary member of our family :)  Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to order a spare Sophie …


Did you ever lose an important toy when you were a kid?  I lost my teddy bear more times than I can count .. but somehow Bubba always found his way home!  My mom actually had a Bubba in reserve for 24 years (aka my age) and gave it to me at my baby shower :)