Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout

Week 1 of Best Body Bootcamp is behind me … whew!  Tina sure knows what she is doing :)  Consider this my first weekly check-in for the program.

This week consisted of three full-body workouts.  Workouts A and B focused on stabilization movements and Workout C was a functional circuit with a ton of core.  At the rate these workouts are going I am already looking forward to my next post-baby body update … I am sure I am going to see some awesome results.   Again, I can’t get into the specifics of the workouts but I thought I would share a couple of my favorite moves thus-far:


 BOSU Push-Ups


Genie Squats with Alternating Knee Raises 


And probably the most entertaining exercise …


Bear Crawls


My Work-Outs This Week:

Monday: Workout A + 2.19 Miles

Tuesday: 4.5 miles (4.5 miles running + 8 minutes walking)

Wednesday: Workout B + 3.2 Miles (9x400m repeats)

Thursday: 4.36 miles (Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout + 20 minutes incline walking)

Friday: Workout C

Saturday: 9 Mile Run

Miles: 18.9


WHEW … it was QUITE the week.  I am probably most sore in my bum which is a good thing!  I am so happy with the bootcamp plan so far.  It honestly has gone above and beyond my expectations … especially for a $25 price tag!  Unfortunately registration is closed, but Tina offers online personal training at a very reasonable price if you are looking to jump-start an exercise plan or just learn something new.  AND finally … I just wanted to share my Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout.  It is adapted from this one here.

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What was your favorite workout this week?