Thoughts From A Long Run…

Hello Friends!  I hope you are having a FABULOUS Monday so far.  How was your weekend?  If you’re just getting back to blogland here is a quick recap of mine :)

Saturday Chris and I conquered a 9 mile run to keep on track for my half marathon training.  I am still using Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan with the Go! St. Louis only 5 weeks away.  The coolest part?  Chris decided he is going to run the half with me!  So he is joining me on my long runs and Emmie rocks out in the BOB.  It was a beautiful day here in Missouri and it felt amazing to get outside as a family :)



We ran the whole way without music and just the occasional chat.  I definitely had some time to think and I learned a few things on this run.


1.  Chris is very patient.  He can easily run 7 minute or less miles and stuck with me the whole time.  Even though we didn’t talk much but having his company was nice!  Plus we traded pushing the BOB every 1/2 mile.


2.  I have bad posture on hills.  My right knee started hurting around mile 5 and I realized that it only hurt when I was pushing the BOB uphill.  I leaned too far forward and it put stress on my knee.


3.  Running with Chris pushes me harder.  I averaged 20 seconds faster per mile than my goal time.  You know what?  I felt great.


4.  I have gotten faster.  This goes with #3 but I am so much faster know than when I started.  It’s funny how my goal pace of 10 minutes/mile feels SLOW now.  Maybe my 2:15 finish isn’t just a dream after-all :)


5.  Running outside is so much better than on the treadmill.  No brainer right?  Just taking in the beautiful weather reminded me why I do my long runs outside.  I can manage up to about 5 miles on the treadmill but that’s it.


6.  My daughter is legit.  Emmie was a gem the entire time!  She fell asleep after about 2 miles, woke up around 5, and didn’t fuss until we were done.


7.  Always bring a change of Emmie’s clothes in my gym bag.  Baby girl blew out her diaper at mile 8.  We didn’t have a change of clothes because she had already done her business for the day and we thought we were in the clear.  Needless to say we stopped at the PX (Army Walmartish type store) and got her some new Carter’s clothes haha.

Overall I was thrilled with this run.  I kept a faster pace than I thought was possible and I honestly think I could have easily gone on to finish the full 13.1 miles.  This was the confidence boosting run I needed coming into the home stretch to the race.  Chris finished about 1/4 mile ahead of me because he ran ahead with Em when she started fussing.  He is going to kill it for his first half marathon :)  Definitely think I am still winning the mind game :)


9 miles … 1:26:54 … 9:40/mile

After the run Emmie chilled on her blanket soaking up some sunshine while her onesie dried and she ate lunch.  I am glad I thought to pack her bottle because breastfeeding in workout clothes (in public) gets to be hard haha.


I feel really blessed to have Chris as my husband.  Having a partner in life who values physical fitness and staying in shape as much you do is so awesome!  He is my biggest motivator, cheerleader, and favorite running buddy.  I think “the couple who sweats together, stays together” 😉

The amazing thing?  Sunday I didn’t wake up sore at all.  SCORE.  Anyways I am spending today at the dermatologist getting allergy tested (fun times) and counting down to the season finale of The Bachelor.  I am pretty sure Ben picks Courtney … UGH.

What did you do this weekend?  Who do you think Ben will pick?