From A to Z

Thank you SO much for your positive feedback via Twitter on my new blog design.  The credit goes to the lovely Maria from Craft Crazy Mom!  If you’re looking for a new layout hit her up 😉


Also, if you’re wanting to join me for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, you have a chance to win a free entry!  Want to  There will be a Twitter chat on Thursday, March 22 at 9pm EST. Use the hasgtag #dirtygirl.  5 lucky participants will win free registration to one of the Dirty Girl Events!


My mother-in-law is coming in today from Las Vegas to visit the Emster … let’s be real, once you have kids your own parents visit you to see the grandkids and not you 😉  Anyway, Emmie and I are off on an adventure to pick her up from the Springfield airport … cross your fingers that my cranky, teething baby treats her mama well on the 90 mile drive 😉  I AM looking forward though to gracing the table of a nice restaurant and blowing some money at Target (Target = black hole).


In the meantime, you KNOW I love me a good survey … hence participating in the 11 things post.  When I saw this gem from Janetha the other week I was itching to do mine too.  So without further ado, here is WAY more than you ever wanted to know about moi:


A is for age.   I am 24 years old … however in June I will officially be halfway to 30.  EEK!


B is for breakfast today.   Breakfast burrito in a whole wheat wrap with 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, bacon, and nutritional yeast.


C is for current craving.  Honestly?  Water.  I can’t seem to get enough todau!


D is for dinner tonight.  Chicken, sweet potato, and mixed vegetables.


E is for favorite type of exercise.  Eek!  I don’t know HOW to choose!  Yoga ranks WAY up there for me.  My newest love is CrossFit but that’s on hiatus while I am participating in bootcamp.  Running is the surest way for me to de-stress.


F is for irrational fear.  I. HATE. CLOWNS.  Like curl up in the fetal position hate clowns.  They totally freak me out.   I also HATE flying.  It has never kept me from getting on a plane but I have to do the sign of the cross, kiss my hand, then touch the plane as I get on.  I also say the “Our Father” for the first 7 minutes of the flight since those are statistically the most dangerous.  I’m weird.


G is for gross food.  Kimchi.  Definitely kimchi.  Maria don’t hate me 😉


H is for hometown.  Waukesha, Wisconsin.  Cheesehead till the end 😉

I is for something important.  My family.  I would do anything for my family.  They mean everything to me.


J is for current jam.  “Sexy and I know It” … I may or may not sing and dance to this in the kitchen to entertain Emmie.


K is for Kids.  Emmalyne Grace :)

L is for current location.  Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  SOON to be Savannah, Georgia :)


M is for the most recent way you spent money.  Baby Gap … much to Chris’ dismay.


N is for something you need.  I REALLY want a Clarisonic.  My skin needs it.  Especially after reading Brittany’s rave reviews 😉


O is for occupation.  Stay at home mom.  I am bad in slobbery kisses and spit-up.  Smiles are my daily bonus.


P is for pet peeve.  Your vs. you’re … “fake” people … When people don’t answer their phone 5 minutes after they called you.


Q is for quote.




R is for random fact about you.  I would be a puggle hoarder if Chris would let me.  I love their squishy faces.  I mean Trigger is the cutest dog EVER.

S is for favorite healthy snack.  Either Chobani with granola and chia seeds or a banana with peanut butter.

T is for favorite treat.  Dots … in all their artificial goodness.  Or my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

U is for something that makes you unique.  I can move each of my toes individually.  It totally creeps Chris out.

V is for favorite vegetable.  Broccoli for the win!

W is for today’s workout.  A 4o minute strength training workout for my Best Body Bootcamp workout of the day!  It was a full body super-set workout and I LOVED it.

X is for x-rays you’ve had.  My left arm when I broke it in elementary school.  My left ankle multiple times … CAT scans of it too.  I’ve also had my 2 MRI’s of my right shoulder.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight.  Skyping with my mom.  I miss her a lot.

Z is for your time zone.  Central

Do you like filling out silly surveys?  Feel free to leave your own answer for one of the above in the comments … I’d love to hear more about you!