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Since it’s Wednesday, it means that it is time for another wonderful “What I Ate Wednesday” with the lovely Jenn from Peas and Crayons.



Breakfast burrito made with 1 egg, Southwestern Egg Beaters, spinach, a slice of bacon, nutritional yeast, and salsa all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla!  Delicious.


 I also had a cup if iced Starbucks coffee courtesy of my Keurig.  In it I added some So Delicious coconut creamer for the first time … and it was SO Delicious 😉  Hehe.  Also, hot cute is that mug?  I couldn’t resist it at the Starbucks strategically located in Target … AKA the black hole for my wallet.


Work Out

I met my friend Melanie at the gym on post for a run on the treadmill.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 47:05 … or 9:26 a mile!  I am really proud of this since I tend to run REALLY bad when I talk while running.  We were able to catch up AND I didn’t die.  Win Win!  Half marathon is less than 3 weeks away … EEK!  I also did 15 minutes of core work for my Best Body Bootcamp workout!

My #FitFluential #Proof 😉



Emmie only gave me a 30 minute nap so I only had time to quickly shower before she was up again.  SO it was a quick/easy lunch for me!  My favorite turkey sandwich made yet another appearance …



Chobani with granola and chia for a healthy and filling afternoon snack.



Fish tacos!  I simply seasoned tilapia with paprika, salt, pepper, and lime juice and cooked them on the stove top.  They were just crispy enough and were YUMMY.


Emmie’s Eats


Emmie is digging the combination of whole foods inspired by baby led weaning and purees we are doing.  This morning she had slices of banana and LOVED feeding herself and let’s face it, playing with the mushiness.  For lunch we did sweet potatoes mixed with oatmeal and dinner was peas!  She is quite the eating champ.


Bailey’s Birthday Eats

My littlest furbaby turned 3 yesterday too!  Bailey is such an amazing dog.  Being a German Shepherd she is super protective of Emmie and is pretty much Em’s shadow.  Wherever Emmie is, Bailey is.  SO to celebrate Bails’ birthday, she and Trigger got Frosty Paws for dessert!


Hope you all have a great Wednesday!  It’s always nice knowing the weekend is only a few days away :)


What’s the best thing you have eaten so far this week?  Do you link up with WIAW?