Best Body Bootcamp Week 4

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey yesterday!  I got some really awesome info from you guys!  Here is what you want to see more of:

  • Daily eats
  • Emmie and motherhood
  • Fashion/beauty posts


Without a doubt wanting to see more about Emmie and motherhood was a resounding answer.  Now that I know that is something you like I plan on incorporating it more into my blog.  I am glad you guys seem to love her (and her cuteness) as much as I do 😉  Again, thank you SO much for your feedback.  It really means a lot!



I can’t believe that Best Body Bootcamp is officially half-way over!  I have lost some weight and inches and definitely gained strength!  Word on the street is that Tina is thinking about doing it again at the end of the summer 😉  Since many of you were interested in a 2nd go-around I will let you know when she decides!  Here is what my week in workouts looked like:


Sunday: 7 mile run (1:07)

Monday: Workout B for BBB

Tuesday: 5 mile run (47:05) + Core

Wednesday: 9x400m Repeats (3 miles in 28 min) + Workout A BBB

Thursday: 3 mile run (27:00) + Core

Friday: BBB Workout C

Saturday: 5 mile run (45:36)

*I also walked the dogs/Emmie 1 mile every afternoon this week :)

Total Miles: 23

This week’s workouts focused on supersets like last week.  However, we added a set this week which made a HUGE difference.  My muscles were crying at the end of every set.  The move that got me this week?  One leg dumbbell squats.

We started our day off this morning with a nice family run.  I had 5 miles on my half marathon training schedule and so Chris and I laced up our sneakers, got Emmie ready to go, and headed to base to our favorite route.  We ran the “troop trail”.  It was a beautiful day for a run.


I love this route because there is a decent amount of incline for some good “hill” training.  Chris and I alternate pushing the stroller and switch every 1/2 mile.  Losing your arm motion really makes running difficult but you get a great full-body workout :)  I love running with Chris because there is no pressure to talk.  We have the camaraderie of running with someone and someone to talk to when something particular strikes but for the most part we are content to run in silence and enjoy our surroundings.


By the end of the run the temperature had definitely increased so as soon as we finished we found a nice, shady spot by the car to cool-down and stretch.


That’s my half-marathon outfit.  I wanted to wear it a couple of times before the race to make sure chaffing wasn’t going to be an issue.  So far so good 😉  Emmalyne, as usual, was a trooper and was content to play with Sophie and look at the scenery.


Overall, the 5 miles took us 45:36 … or 9:08 / mile.  I am really happy with this time.  It’s amazing to me that a few months ago I thought that this kind of pace would be unttainable for me.  Just goes to shower how powerful training can be!



Mile 1: 9:16

Mile 2: 9:02

Mile 3: 8:58

Mile 4: 9:23 <–water break

Mile 5: 9:01


Chores are on our agenda all afternoon.  We have to start getting things ready for the move!  Tonight we are heading our to try Sweetwater BBQ … a local BBQ place that Chris has been dying to try and since we are nearly out of time there’s not time like the present! :)


What are your plans for this weekend?  Do you work out with your significant other/kids?