5 Months Post Baby Body

Post Baby Body Update: 5 Months

Since Emmie turned 5 months on Tuesday I guess it’s time for me to post another post baby body update!  Catching up?


A quick look back at what I looked like last month …


AND here I am at 5-months postpartum …


By the numbers …


I am super excited to see that my good progress from last month is continuing in this month!  I am not officially 3.4lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!  It’s funny because the same top just looks looser in the second photo :)  PLUS my stomach is getting tighter each day thanks to my #plankaday!



My eating hasn’t changed all that much from last month.  I am continuing to drink water like it’s my job and eat as “clean” as I can.  That being said … I am still enjoying a small treat each day, some occasional buffalo wings, and of course some ice cold beer.  I feel like I have a pretty good grasp as to exactly how much my body needs each day and I am meeting that.  I must be doing something right since the number on the scale keeps going down 😉


Working Out

I am 5 weeks out from my 1/2 marathon so I am running 5 days a week to follow my plan.  My mileage is definitely higher this month than last month.  I also am on the 1st week of my 8 week bootcamp with Tina.  So far I am LOVING bootcamp.  The two strength workouts I have done left me dripping sweat and with quivering muscles.  It has been the perfect change up for my routine.  I am really missing CrossFit and will get back into that when bootcamp is over.  The best part for me is that as my weight is going down I am seeing my muscles get bigger and stronger.  I am not just losing weight and staying mush … I am becoming a lean, mean, mama-machine 😉



My biggest goal over the next month is to PR in my 1/2 marathon.  This means working hard and sticking to my training plan.  Running a 1/2 marathon this year was one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I am so close to marking that one of my list.  My other goal is to be confident in my bikini this summer.  Not QUITE there but getting pretty darn close.  My final, and maybe most important, goal is to continue loving my mom body.  My body has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible and it deserves to be praised and embraced.


AND just because I can’t get enough of her …

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    1. Thank you! I have definitely seen more definition in my arms and LOVE it :)

  1. Lookin’ good mama! :) I’m definitely interested in hearing more about bootcamp. If Tina does another bootcamp in the future, let me know. As always, Emmalyne is such a cutie!

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