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Crisis Averted

Yesterday we had a near crisis of epic proportions.  It was so narrowly averted that I am still shaking.  We almost lost a very important item.  But I will get there in a second 😉


I go up early to tackle the easy 3 mile run I had on my training schedule.  I ate my normal pre-run breakfast:



Emmie and I headed on to base to hit our favorite jogging trail … the same one I ran to tackle my 8 mile long run last week!



*Take note of what Emmie is holding…

It was an absolutely beautiful morning out.  PERFECT running weather!  I started my run and decided to shoot to average 9:40 min/mile.  At mile 1.7 Emmie started screaming.  I tried putting her paci in … no good.  I went to give squeak her Sophie the giraffe …. and Sophie was gone.  PANIC.  Any mom out there knows that when you find a toy that your baby LOVES it is worth more than all the mani/pedis in the world.  I immediately turned around and headed back the exact direction I came to retrace my steps and hopefully rescue our beloved squeaking friend.  Emmie cried the whole time … I am sure she knew Sophie was gone.


The 1/4 miles ticked by … and no Sophie.  By this time I was running as hard as my legs would allow me (mind you I’m pushing a stroller uphill at this point) and round myself running my last mile at 8:30/mile.  WOW.  I may or may not have been saying the St. Anthony prayer over and over as my cadence … When we were almost to the car and there was no sign of Sophie I started calculating how much Amazon would charge me for overnight shipping.  Then I started wondering how we were going to get through the rest of the day and tomorrow without Emmie’s favorite teether.  Then I called my mom and lamented our loss.  When I rounded the last corner to my car I saw something on the ground …



THANK YOU GOD.  I seriously said that out loud at that moment.  I know God left Sophie there for me because He knows that it would be cruel and unusual punishment for a mom to lose her baby’s favorite toy in the midst of cutting their first tooth.

Besties for life.

BUT I had my fastest 3 miles while pushing the BOB today!  Maybe I need to think Sophie is lost more often?  I ended up averaging 9:23/mile which is WAY faster than the 10:30/mile I did on Tuesday :)


I know it might seem silly to some of you that I got all wound up over thinking I lost a silly little giraffe but that giraffe is seriously one of the only things that helps Emmie when her gums start hurting.  That giraffe is priceless and a honorary member of our family :)  Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to order a spare Sophie …


Did you ever lose an important toy when you were a kid?  I lost my teddy bear more times than I can count .. but somehow Bubba always found his way home!  My mom actually had a Bubba in reserve for 24 years (aka my age) and gave it to me at my baby shower :)

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12 thoughts on “Crisis Averted”

  1. I know this all too well. My niece Ella’s favourite thing is this bunny that, funny enough, she got from me, and she lost it when we were in Florida last winter. It was a BAD, bad, bad, bad scenario. BUT, luckily, we had bought 2 when we originally bought it 3 years ago, and my sister had it hiding in her closet or something. Crisis was averted and Ella got a ‘cleaned up’ bunny for Christmas lol
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  2. We had the little mushroom looking one! I am ordering the sophie one! I TOTALLY understand your panic…its a HUGE deal when we loose them..they are practically limbs;) glad you found it!

    1. I have those! That’s a great idea! My dilemma is that she ONLY wants Sophie haha.

  3. I swear, I have 84 of Jack’s favorite dang pacifiers all over my house, my purse, my diaper bag, the car, his car seat, the crib, etc. etc. Makes me feel like a hoarder, but this post reminds me that sometimes it may be necessary :). Maybe I will need to get a back up Sophie as well!

    Glad the crisis was averted–and dang nice run!!

    1. We have paci’s everywhere too haha. She now only takes them when she is going to sleep but never know when tired eyes will hit :)

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