Dang Allergies

When I was home in Arizona visiting my family I developed contact dermatitis on both my arms.  Basically it is a rash, much like the kind you get from poison ivy.  My dad is a doctor and told me to try both topical Benadryl and then Cortisone 10 if it didn’t clear up.  Well it NEVER cleared up and started showing up on my chest, stomach, and legs.  Clearly I am allergic to something and needed to find some answers.


Last Thursday I went to my primary care doctor and she referred me to the dermatologist on post.  Well the Army healthcare system is pretty slow to act so I decided to stop by the clinic myself and see if I could get an appointment ASAP since we are moving soon.  Luckily for me they remembered me from when Emmie was having a rash back in November and got me in the next morning.  The dermatologist confirmed that I am definitely having skin allergies and ordered a patch test to be done on Monday.


The thing that stunk about this?  I couldn’t take my allergy medicine starting Saturday.  I have REALLY bad allergies so I spent Sunday pretty much in a fog.  Luckily I had thought of this and did my long-run on Saturday 😉 Good thing because I spent Sunday with a splitting headache and the sniffles.  Finally, yesterday morning, I went in and got the patches applied to my back making it look something like this:


Patch testing functions by taping common skin allergens to your back, leaving them there for 48 hours, and then reading the results.  I think I am being tested for 30 common allergens and 24 hours in my back is on FIRE.  I can pin point which dots are causing extreme itching and burning.  Somehow I have to survive until tomorrow … sigh.  On top of the discomfort, I cannot shower (eww) or work out during this time … or take my meds.  I am really bummed to be behind in my bootcamp workouts.  Luckily I will only miss one run for my half-marathon training.  Anyways, I can assure you I am not all that pleasant to be around right now … send positive thoughts to Chris and pray for his patience haha.


I am actually kind of thankful that I am reacting to something … I am hoping it gives me some answers.  I am also incredibly nervous.  My dad and sister are both highly allergic to a ton of chemicals.  My sister is even allergic to the primary ingredient in hair dye.  Although I am excited to find out what is causing my reactions, I am also nervous that it will be something that is SUPER common and difficult to avoid.  Either way I will be glad to not itch anymore … ever since my rash started ALL my skin has been crawling and itchy.


I guess I will just learn to avoid more things … I am already allergic to tree nuts, mango, latex, and most pollens/grasses.  Chris on the other hand isn’t allergic to a single thing.  I am really hoping Emmie gets his genetics 😉  Sorry for the gripe … I am on pins and needles and incredibly itchy.  Haha.


Are you allergic to anything?  Have you ever been tested?

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17 thoughts on “Dang Allergies”

  1. That definitely stinks! When I went to go get allergy testing done a few years back, they only tested me for environmental allergies and not food allergies. This was before I had all my food sensitivities show up, so now I’m wondering if I should go back in to get the food allergies done. I hopeyour test comes out okay!
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    1. I would! I was tested for the food allergies a couple years ago but via blood work. Normally they will do the prick test. Thanks for the support!

  2. ahhhhh! I have had allergy test before, but it was the shots, not the patch. That sounds so miserable! I for sure have seasonal allergies – just in the last week they have really taken off. I had hives in high school, and found out a few things that I was allergic to. I hope you get answers soon!
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    1. I am kind of secretly glad I can’t do the shot test … would much rather have the blood work haha

  3. Allergy tests are NOT fun! I had over 30 needle pricks in each forearm when I had mine done. The upside is that you’re getting the answers and hopefully solutions.

  4. Ay, I feel ya girl. Allergies are no bueno, and when I found out about my wheat intolerance, the test also told me that I was allergic to dogs, oak, and some pollen.

    Yep, Popcorn included! I’m now on meds for him, but things have been fine once I started.

    Hope things turn out well!
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  5. Ya, I really do hope the itchiness is a sign of something that will pop out at them so they know!! I’m not allergic to anything, and am so fascinated over this whole allergy thing. Like, why was I lucky enough to not be, but here you are getting tested? Hang in there…you’re pretty much a super strong lady!!!
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  6. I totally hear you on the allergy front. I’ve had food allergies since I was a kid (peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish) but have seemed to have developed new ones as I’ve gotten older. They can’t do a skin test on me because basically I would explode from the allergens. Good times. I also developed eczema in college which is a pain in the neck and super frustrating. Sometimes, if the weather changes suddenly, I wake up in the morning and can feel that my face is going to be red, sensitive and swollen. Boo!

    Yes, hopefully the tests will give you some answers. The worst part for me is that my kids both have food allergies. It was really scary at first but we’ve learned to manage and avoid the allergens in most instances. Good luck!
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  7. I’ve been thinking about (and avoiding) allergy testing for awhile. Kudos to you for tackling it head on! I hope they find out what the problem is, and that there is an easy and painless way to treat it!

  8. If you have an allergy, your body is reacting to something you inhaled, touched or ate. The substances that trigger an allergic reaction are called allergens. Reactions to these allergens range from annoying to life-threatening.Many people with untreated allergy symptoms aren’t aware of how much better they can feel once their symptoms are properly diagnosed and managed by an allergist / immunologist, often referred to as an allergist.

  9. Shots might seem like an unusual way to treat allergies, but they’re effective at decreasing sensitivity to triggers. The substances in the shots are chosen according to the allergens identified from a person’s medical history and by the allergist during the initial testing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the standards used in preparing the materials for allergy shots given in the United States.

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