Emmalyne: Month Five

Oh my goodness where has time gone?  I seriously get emotional when I think about how big my baby is getting :(  If you’ve missed Emmie’s past updates never fear:


It’s getting harder and harder to photograph Em now … she moves so much!  The entire time we were taking these photos she was rolling around like crazy haha.

How is Emmie measuring?

I am honestly not sure because we didn’t have a doctor appointment this month.  BUT her thighs are getting awfully chunky 😉  She is just about to out-grow her 6 month clothing too!


Emmie is seriously a firecracker.  Her personality shines thru more and more every single day.  For example, she is a girl that knows what she wants.  If I am holding her, and she wants Chris, she will whimper and stay at him until he takes her, then flash a HUGE smile.  Haha.  She loves to laugh all the time and LOVES to talk.  She is still a super happy baby and loves to play.



We are still going strong!  Emmie eats 5-6 times per day.  Although I will say feeding her is getting more challenging as she becomes more and more aware of the world around her.  I tend to have to go to a quiet place so she can focus on the task at hand.  If we are in the living room she will eat for a minute, stop, look around, eat.  Then she will eat, stop, smile and talk to me, and then eat.  Girl doesn’t want to miss a thing!


We started solids at around 4 1/2 months.  We have tried oatmeal, avocado, peas, and bananas at this point.  I plan on doing a combination of purees and baby lead weaning.  I am making all of Emmie’s food myself and I am having SO much fun doing so!  I can’t wait to share the process with you :)


Girl LOVES to play.  We recently got her a Baby Einstein activity center and she LOVES it.  She plays with all of the toys and jumps away.  She also is obsessed with her bathtime.  No matter how cranky she gets right before bedtime, the second her toes hit the water she is all smiles.  I can’t wait to take her to swim lessons this summer.  She is still in love with her Sophie the giraffe … and we almost lost our minds when we thought we lost her!



Pretty sure Emmie started teething this last month.  She has a ton of the “trademark” signs … runs a low-grade fever off and on, rosy cheeks, crankyness, and chewing on EVERYTHING.  Seriously, anything and everything goes right in her mouth … particularly her toes 😉



Wow … where to start.  We hit the 4 month sleep regression HARD this month and there was a little while where none of us were getting much sleep.  Lately it’s been better.  She goes to bed at 7PM each night and will normally wake up once around 3AM.  I am totally fine with one wake-up a night especially since she is actually hungry when she wakes up so I know she needs it!  Plus that’s some snuggle time for us 😉  She will sleep then until 7:30-8AM which is perfect!



She seriously gets bigger and bigger every day … every day is a new adventure full of new discoveries.  She is currently working on sitting up by herself … she is getting so close!  Slow down baby girl!


I never realized how much I would love being a mom.  I imagined it but it is so much more than I could have ever thought.  I am so blessed to be able to spend all day every day with this gift from God.  I am one lucky mama.
I love you baby girl, you are my sunshine.


**Check me out over on Lindsay’s List and her Tuesday Trainer today!  I sent her my favorite “get tank top ready” move!  Also, Day 1 of Bootcamp went great!  Can’t wait to share more with you 😉  Post-Baby Body Update coming Thursday!


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  1. Oh my gosh, she is just SO perfect!! I love the pictures.

    And yes, please share more about the baby food makin’ journey. I have it in my head that I need to do that with my son, too!

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