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Welcome to another Featured Blogger Friday!  I am so flipping excited for my featured blogger today.  Why?  Because it is the amazing Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean!  Lindsay is not only the mastermind behind Foodie Pen Pals but is also one of my best blogging buddies :)


Hi Guys!


It’s Lindsay and I blog over at The Lean Green Bean! I’m so excited to be blogging over here
on Maddy’s site today. She has recently become one of my best blogging buddies
and I absolutely love her to death…mostly because she texts me adorable pictures of
baby Emmie…but there’s other reasons too :) Like that fact that she’s a super busy
mom and still finds the time to workout! And that she whips up amazing creations in
the kitchen!


Anyways, since Maddy and I are both Fitfluential Ambassadors, I thought I would
share a fun new workout with you guys! I absolutely LOVE putting together
workouts. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I get bored super easily so following
training/workout plans hasn’t worked very well for me in the past. But I find that I
have no trouble sticking to working out when I make up my own workouts!

A few things I should mention:

  • I don’t have a gym membership. I workout in my basement.
  • I’ve found that I can do pretty much any workout I want to with a
    treadmill, dumbbells, a stability ball and my gymboss interval timer!
  • I’m not a personal trainer. I put together workouts based on my own
    knowledge and experience and share them with people if I really enjoy them!

So, one of my favorite workout techniques is supersets. I’m a pretty busy girl. I’m
in school to become a Registered Dietitian, I work part-time at an assisted living
facility and I put a lot of work into my blog. There are a lot of nights I don’t find
myself with any time to workout until about 9 or 10pm. That usually means I’m
tired and don’t want to spend a lot of time working out.


Enter supersets. Supersets are groups of exercises that can be done back to back
because they use different muscle groups. This means you don’t have to sit around
resting in between sets. During your “rest time” you are actively working through a
set of a different exercises.


There are lots of different ways you can put together a workout. For this one, I chose
to focus on pushing and pulling. If you think about some of the exercises you do
when you workout, you’ll notice that some of them involving pushing weight away
from you, while some involving pulling a weight toward you. I picked several of each
and paired them together to make supersets.


The workout looks like this:


Start with the first superset. Do 12 pushups, then immediately move to 12 bent-over
rows, then back to 12 more pushups, etc. Complete 3 sets of each exercise before
moving to superset 2. Push yourself by choosing weights that are challenging for
you. You should just barely be able to make it through 3 sets!


I did this workout earlier this week using weights that were a little heavier than I
had been using recently just to see if I could do it and I could DEFINITELY feel the
burn by the end :)


If you want to kick this workout up a notch, add a cardio burst in between each
superset. ie…do a minute of mountain climbers after superset one, a minute of line
jumps after superset two etc.


So there you have it! If you give this workout a try, be sure to stop by The Bean and let me know
how you liked it! You can also find me on Twitter by clicking here.




I linked up my favorite workout of the week with Lindsay and her “Fitness Loves of the Week” post!  Check it out :)


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