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Thank you SO much for your positive feedback via Twitter on my new blog design.  The credit goes to the lovely Maria from Craft Crazy Mom!  If you’re looking for a new layout hit her up 😉


Also, if you’re wanting to join me for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, you have a chance to win a free entry!  Want to  There will be a Twitter chat on Thursday, March 22 at 9pm EST. Use the hasgtag #dirtygirl.  5 lucky participants will win free registration to one of the Dirty Girl Events!


My mother-in-law is coming in today from Las Vegas to visit the Emster … let’s be real, once you have kids your own parents visit you to see the grandkids and not you 😉  Anyway, Emmie and I are off on an adventure to pick her up from the Springfield airport … cross your fingers that my cranky, teething baby treats her mama well on the 90 mile drive 😉  I AM looking forward though to gracing the table of a nice restaurant and blowing some money at Target (Target = black hole).


In the meantime, you KNOW I love me a good survey … hence participating in the 11 things post.  When I saw this gem from Janetha the other week I was itching to do mine too.  So without further ado, here is WAY more than you ever wanted to know about moi:


A is for age.   I am 24 years old … however in June I will officially be halfway to 30.  EEK!


B is for breakfast today.   Breakfast burrito in a whole wheat wrap with 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, bacon, and nutritional yeast.


C is for current craving.  Honestly?  Water.  I can’t seem to get enough todau!


D is for dinner tonight.  Chicken, sweet potato, and mixed vegetables.


E is for favorite type of exercise.  Eek!  I don’t know HOW to choose!  Yoga ranks WAY up there for me.  My newest love is CrossFit but that’s on hiatus while I am participating in bootcamp.  Running is the surest way for me to de-stress.


F is for irrational fear.  I. HATE. CLOWNS.  Like curl up in the fetal position hate clowns.  They totally freak me out.   I also HATE flying.  It has never kept me from getting on a plane but I have to do the sign of the cross, kiss my hand, then touch the plane as I get on.  I also say the “Our Father” for the first 7 minutes of the flight since those are statistically the most dangerous.  I’m weird.


G is for gross food.  Kimchi.  Definitely kimchi.  Maria don’t hate me 😉


H is for hometown.  Waukesha, Wisconsin.  Cheesehead till the end 😉

I is for something important.  My family.  I would do anything for my family.  They mean everything to me.


J is for current jam.  “Sexy and I know It” … I may or may not sing and dance to this in the kitchen to entertain Emmie.


K is for Kids.  Emmalyne Grace :)

L is for current location.  Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  SOON to be Savannah, Georgia :)


M is for the most recent way you spent money.  Baby Gap … much to Chris’ dismay.


N is for something you need.  I REALLY want a Clarisonic.  My skin needs it.  Especially after reading Brittany’s rave reviews 😉


O is for occupation.  Stay at home mom.  I am bad in slobbery kisses and spit-up.  Smiles are my daily bonus.


P is for pet peeve.  Your vs. you’re … “fake” people … When people don’t answer their phone 5 minutes after they called you.


Q is for quote.




R is for random fact about you.  I would be a puggle hoarder if Chris would let me.  I love their squishy faces.  I mean Trigger is the cutest dog EVER.

S is for favorite healthy snack.  Either Chobani with granola and chia seeds or a banana with peanut butter.

T is for favorite treat.  Dots … in all their artificial goodness.  Or my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

U is for something that makes you unique.  I can move each of my toes individually.  It totally creeps Chris out.

V is for favorite vegetable.  Broccoli for the win!

W is for today’s workout.  A 4o minute strength training workout for my Best Body Bootcamp workout of the day!  It was a full body super-set workout and I LOVED it.

X is for x-rays you’ve had.  My left arm when I broke it in elementary school.  My left ankle multiple times … CAT scans of it too.  I’ve also had my 2 MRI’s of my right shoulder.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight.  Skyping with my mom.  I miss her a lot.

Z is for your time zone.  Central

Do you like filling out silly surveys?  Feel free to leave your own answer for one of the above in the comments … I’d love to hear more about you!


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  1. Hi Madeline!
    Just found your blog via Best Body Bootcamp. Love it! I too am an Army wife and mommy to a sweet 5 mo little boy:) Anywho, I lived in Savannah for 2 years before meeting my husband and moving to Hinesville/Ft Stewart (we’re at Ft Benning now). You probably know who to ask, but if you have any questions about living in the area, let me know! I also worked in Richmond Hill which is halfway between SAV and Hinesville and has lots of nice houses. We didn’t LOVE Hinesville, but Savannah is great! SO many great restaurants. You must check out Broughton St for shopping and Back in the Day Bakery (they did my wedding cupcakes;)

    1. Oooo that bakery sounds SO much fun! We are actually going to live in Richmond Hill :) My sister is at Fort Benning right now! I’m so glad you found my blog and I will definitely ask some questions 😉

  2. Love little survey’s like this…so fun to get to know more! I’m probably going to be a copycat today or tomorrow and steal it from you. :)

    P.S. Do you watch Modern Family?! If so…how did you make it through the clown episode a couple weeks back?!

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