Operation Fridge Makeover

Operation Fridge Makeover

I guess I surprised quite a few of you yesterday with the fact that I am indeed 24.  I am kind of an “old soul” so I am not surprised many of you thought I was older :)  Emmie and I survived the drive to Springfield to pick up my MIL.  Yon, Em, and I spent the afternoon doing what we do best … shopping.  I have some fun new things that will be making an appearance in upcoming “Sweat to Street” posts 😉  Guess what we are doing today?  Shopping.  Hehe.  Emmie is getting some ridiculously cute clothes courtesy of her grandma.


I have a confession you guys … I have been finding myself slipping into bad snacking habits and too many Diet Cokes.  I blame it on Emmie teething and us spending a lot of our afternoon on the couch which can lead to mindless snacking.  I know that I will probably have snack-attacks, I AM still a breastfeeding mama needing to consume 2300 calories, however, I can definitely do better in regards to what I am choosing to snack.


Enter Operation: Fridge Make-Over!  Here are my tips for making over your refrigerator so it works FOR you and not AGAINST you in your healthy eating endeavors :)



1.  Pre-cut your fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week.  I have found that if I cut my fruits/veggies ahead of time I am more likely to eat them during the week.  Making them easily accessible saves me time and keeps me from being lazy.  Cutting your fruits and veggies does make them spoil faster so even more incentive to eat them now 😉


2.  Store your pre-cut fruits and veggies in glass containers.  If you can see them you are more likely to eat them.  End of story.  Please, glass containers don’t contain the chemicals that plastic does.



3.  Store your healthy eats on the top shelf.  You are more likely to eat things at eye level.  Grocery stores have mastered this by putting high-selling products on the eye-level shelves in the store.  Use this this trick to your advantage :)



4.  Put your treats on the bottom shelf or even in the drawers.  I am ALL about good things in moderation.  So, out of sight, out of mind.  :)



5.  Only buy the good stuff.  If it’s not in your house, it’s not in your mouth.  This is where I definitely #fail.  Plus, it’s hard when the husband brings it into the house to begin with and temptation is ever-looming … IE: the chocolate graham cookies in the above picture.  Do your best … aim for 80% clean :)


Have you ever made over your fridge?  What are your “go to” tricks?


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  1. I absolutely agree with you on #1! That is the one thing I never skip on. Sunday mornings we do our regular grocery store run for the week and then Sunday afternoon I spend just a little bit of time washing and prepping everything. It makes packing lunches and snacks, and making dinners so much easier when everything is cleaned and ready to go!

  2. Love this…I need to get some of those glass containers and it’s so smart to put the good stuff on the top shelf. This post was motivation for me to clean my fridge too! Although…the out of sight out of mind stuff doesn’t work for me…I KNOW it’s there hahaha:)

  3. I second out of site out of mind and keeping things that you know will cause you trouble out of the house! My biggest thing is that I HATE wasting stuff so when I buy things I freeze a lot and take things out the night before to defrost when I am ready. It makes my fridge look bare, but at least I know I am eating what I buy! Good post lady:)

  4. Honestly I don’t even know where I would get a glass container. I also need to just not buy treats. Sometimes I buy things saying it’s “for company” but then it’s for my company of self while watching TV. Not good!
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