Redemption Run

It was quite a whirlwind weekend around our house!  We had so much with my MIL and it was great to see her interacting with Emmalyne.  Whenever we have family visit it makes my heart ache to be near them because I see what our life would be like if we were around our family all the time.  Sigh … maybe one day.


One of the many nice things about Yon’s visit was that I got to go on my long run alone.  Not that I don’t love my Emster running buddy but it is super nice NOT to push the jogging stroller.  After last week’s disappointing run, I decided that I would do 7 miles again and do it BETTER.


It was a perfectly beautiful morning on Saturday … perfect running weather.  I felt great when I started out.  At 3 miles I stopped for a minute and stretched my hips.  As I was stretching I suddenly noticed a dog at my feet.  My running buddy Lindsay and her pup Jeff were right on my tail!  Lindsay said she’d been chasing me the last 2 miles haha.  We stuck together the rest of the run.  It was great running with a friend but it was also a reminder as to why I can’t talk when I run … my breathing gets thrown off haha.  I could have kept running but I had to wrap it up to get home in time to see The Hunger Games with Chris :)


Mile 1: 9:22

Mile 2: 9:28

Mile 3: 9:15

Mile 4: 9:33

Mile 5: 9:55 (walked and add Chomps)

Mile 6: 9:21

Mile 7: 10:14

TOTAL: 1:07:06 … 9:35/mile

I shaved 3 minutes off my run this week and felt great.  A redemption is exactly what I needed to get my confidence back in time for race day.  My goal pace is still 10 min/mile … anything under that will just be icing on the cake 😉  Thank you for all your words of encouragement last week.  I really took them to heart and it gave me the boost I needed!  The Go! St. Louis is less than 3 weeks away … EEK!  Getting SO excited.  Now just to keep my training on schedule …

Overall I had an awesome weekend with my family.  I could have done with some more sleep but courtesy to Emmie’s bottom tooth which is itching to break through our nights have been a little off.  Luckily I have been getting high quality sleep thanks to my Technogel pillow … but more on that tomorrow.  😉

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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  1. Weekend was full of taxes. So not a lot of fun. But Kev and I did go out to lunch yesterday and it was nice.

    It’s hard to be away from family. My parent’s are about 5 hours away and my stepdaughter, her hubby and new baby are about 12 hours away. Sure wish we could live there while she grows up. It’s hard!

    Congrats on your successful run.
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