Weekend Recap

First things first, who won the Technogel pillow giveaway?


Congratulations Alec!!  Email me at foodfitnessandfamily {at} gmail {dot} com!  


HUGE shout out to my girl Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean for matching for her dietetic internship at Ohio State!  SO proud of her :)


It is hard to believe it is already Monday.  I am sure I am not the only one who feels like the weekend went by WAY too fast.  Maybe because I didn’t accomplish everything on my “to do” list?  Our movers come one week from today (gulp) so this week is going to be awfully busy.  Luckily Chris is home from work today so I have one extra day with an extra set of hands 😉  This morning we have Emmalyne’s 6-month check-up … umm what?!?!  There is NO WAY my baby is going to be 6 months old.  I mean, I JUST had her right??  My mom wasn’t kidding when she said that this time flies.  I am thankful that Chris can come to this appointment … he likes to see how much she’s grown!  We also both have to get oil changes, hit the gym, and finish up some chores we missed from the weekend.  Needless to say we have PLENTY to do!


Since this was one of our last weekends her in Missouri we tried to make the most of it.  Friday night we went to our friend’s house for a BBQ and good company.  Bob and Lindsay are off to North Carolina and Len and Sarah are staying here.  One of the bittersweet aspects of Army life … just as you make great friends, you move.


Bob was the grill master and cooked up awesome chicken and burgers.  We brought a side salad with homemade Italian dressing as well as some dark chocolate puppy chow.  Why puppy chow?  Because it’s AH-MAZING.  I basically wanted an excuse to make it … and then eat my weight in it.


It was a great night with amazing company.  I am thankful that Bob and Lindsay will be within driving distance of us.  Lindsay has been my running buddy and has put up with me even when I had a bad run.  Bob is Chris’ “battle-buddy” in class.  We all spent the night having a few drinks, eating good food, and laughing a ton :)


Saturday Chris and I strapped Emmie up in the BOB and did a 5-mile family run.  I love that Chris and I exercise together.  It was one of the many things we have in common.  Having a spouse who is as passionate about staying healthy as you are is truly a blessing.  I am just hoping that it rubs off on Emmalyne also :)

After grocery shopping and spending the remainder of the afternoon doing chores we thought it would be fun to head out to Sweetwater BBQ, a local BBQ place that Chris has been wanting to try since we got here.  Being that we only have 2 weeks left we figured it was now or never!

We were a little surprised when we walked in and it wasn’t what we were expecting.  We were expecting it to be a traditional restaurant with service etc. but it wasn’t.  You ordered at the counter and served yourself.  I felt a little silly for getting dressed up but how often do I get to put on pretty clothes and look good for my husband?  Not enough that’s for sure :)

Emmie is a big girl when we go out now.  She sits in her high chair and plays quietly.  She is seriously such an amazing baby :)  I don’t have any problem taking her (almost) everywhere with us because I know the odds of her behaving are significantly in our favor.

One of the things we did appreciate about Sweetwater BBQ was how much food you get for your money.  So much so that we came home with TONS of leftovers.  If we go back we will for sure be sharing something instead of ordering two meals.

Chris got the BBQ ribs and I got BBQ chicken.  We shared a little bit of both and brought the rest home.  The BBQ sauce had just the right about of sweet to it.  The chicken was SO moist and delicious!  Chris and I both really liked the “fried spuds” as well.  The potatoes were sliced super thin for frying and were incredibly crispy which is how I like my fries 😉  We really enjoyed our meal!  AND we couldn’t resist getting a picture of Emmie on the pigs outside the restaurant :)

I also was able to convince Chris that it was necessary for some new daddy-daughter photos when we got home.

I {heart} them.

Sunday I went for a 7-mile run and then we took the dogs to the dog park.  The rest of the day was all about chores and watching too many episodes of Frozen Planet on The Discovery Channel :)  Overall it was a perfect weekend spent with 2 of the people I love most in the world!

How was your weekend?  Have you seen Frozen Planet?