WIAW: Moving Edition

Today is the final day of the movers!  It’s kind of bittersweet … Sweet because it means our stuff is on the way to Georgia … Bitter because now we have nothing to sit on and an air mattress to sleep on.  Oh the joys of moving 😉


Since it’s Wednesday, it is time for another “What I Ate Wednesday” with the lovely Jenn from Peas and Crayons!


AND because all of our stuff is gone, it means this week is the moving edition.  I kept a bare minimum of pots/pans and absolutely no dishes to get us by.  However, moving doesn’t mean you have to turn to complete junk food and poor eating habits!  You can always make do :)



Typical pre-workout breakfast … Rudi’s whole wheat with flax English muffin with peanut butter and chia seeds.  Strawberries and blueberries on the side.  Iced coffee so I could keep my sanity.



McDonalds Southwest Chicken Salad.  I only used 1/2 of the dressing pouch.  At 290 calories total, and only 70 from fat, the salad itself isn’t that bad.  For the dressing, it was 50 calories and 3g of fat for 1/2 the pouch.  Not the BEST in regards to dressing but still a relatively decent lunch for McDonalds.



Since Chris was home, I left him in charge of the movers and Emmie and I snuck off to the gym to get a quick workout in.  I am officially tapering for my half marathon on Sunday so I did 4 miles on my favorite trail on post.

It was another beautiful day for a run.  Even though I didn’t head out until after lunch, the temperature was still in the low 60’s.  My Garmin died on my way to base so I decided to run free.  More on that in another post 😉  I ended up doing 4.1 miles in 35:45 … for an average of 8:48/mile!  I honestly couldn’t believe it … and just another reason why I love short runs.  I had parked at the gym so I headed right in to do my Best Body Bootcamp workout.  Today’s was a back-focused superset workout utilizing drop sets.  My lats are burning!!



Skillet chicken seasoned with good old Mrs. Dash and Alexia Harvest Saute on the side.  Quick, easy, and still healthy!


In regards to snacks … we are eating our way through our refirgerator.  So snacks are still Greek yogurt, fruits, and veggies with hummus.  Proof that a week without furniture doesn’t mean your diet has to stink 😉


How do you eat healthy on the move?  Whether that means you’re moving our just MOVING around …