Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Race Recap

My 2nd half-marathon is officially in the books!  Chris and I woke up at 5:15 yesterday morning to get ready to head down to the starting line.  Annica met us at our hotel and the three of us made the mile walk together.  Luckily the weather in St. Louis cleared up overnight so there was absolutely no rain which was awesome!  The temperature was around 67* at starting time with a wind advisory haha.


I thought the Go! St. Louis had more than enough porta potties at the beginning.  We got down to the start at 6:25 and all of us were able to use the restroom before heading to our corral.  I had talked to Katie about meeting up before the race too.  She was by the corral marker but we couldn’t push our way to it.  Luckily we spotted each other as we moved forward to the start and we were able to meet up.

I feel like we may have been in the wrong corral to begin with.  I had put a 2:00-2:15 finish time and we were with the 11:30 pace group.  Mistake #1.  I spent the first 2 miles dodging people trying to find a groove.  I also noticed that my Garmin was measuring about .25 ahead of the 2 mile marker.  By mile marker 4 I realized the mile markers were 0.5 miles off.  While this was frustrating, the markers were pretty accurate by mile 7.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the hills that this race had.  Online I read about “rolling hills” … to be rolling hills implies that there will be stretches that are flat.  Well apparently in St. Louis is means you go from incline to decline back to incline.  It seemed as if many of the hills would never end.  The last stretch of the race had you running uphill IN to the wind.  WHY people think it’s ok for an uphill finish is beyond me.

Now … I bet you’re wondering if I met my goal of 10 minute miles.  Unfortunately I didn’t.  At around mile 6 I stepped poorly and my right foot landed in a hole.  I immediately felt shooting pain on the top of my foot and from there on out every step was agony.  I thought about stopping multiple times but just kept going.  Continuing to run an additional 7 miles while obviously injured probably wasn’t one of my brightest moments, however, finishing this race meant a lot to me so I pressed on.

MY FINISH TIME: 2:22:22 (21 minute PR!)


When I crossed the finish line and saw Chris is when the tears fell and the pain just too much.  We made our way to the family reunion area to see my mom and Emmie.  I may be smiling in this picture but boy my foot was throbbing!

Chris was my knight in shining armor and somehow snagged us a cab back to the hotel to save me from having to walk the mile back.  At the hotel we quickly showered, slipped on our compression socks, checked out and headed to meet some fabulous people for lunch!  Kristen made us reservations at Schlafly Bottleworks.  One of the really cool things about Schlafly is that they grow a lot of their own produce in an attached garden and things that they don’t grow they try to buy locally.  AND being a brewery they brew their own beer … which we were happy to partake in .

Chris and I both got Hefeweizen.  I LOVE a good wheat beer and this one hit the spot.  The citrus taste was there and it was super light.

For lunch I had the Turkey Burger …  Natural turkey burger on a toasted wheat bun with spinach, cheddar and tomato jam with Billy Goat chips on the side.  This burger was absolutely delicious.  It was juicy and seasoned superbly.  The most surprising thing about it was the tomato jam!  I was really skeptical about it but I am glad that I had it on the burger.  It was amazing :)

We had such a fun time hanging out with Katie, Kristen, and Kristen’s husband.  Annica had to make the drive back to Columbus and was missed!  I am so glad that some of my bloggie friends have become my IRL friends.  It’s just too bad we are moving …

Overall I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t disappointed in my half performance.  I REALLY wanted to meet my 10 minute/mile goal but today just wasn’t my day.  I will hold on to the fact that I have a 21 minute PR and shoot for the 10 minute miles for my next race :)

Thank you all for your tweets, Facebook messages, and texts to boost me up!  It meant a lot :)

Have you ever been injured during a race?