Best Body Bootcamp

Best Body Bootcamp Week 6

Another week of Best Body Bootcamp down!!  Only 2 more to go … which makes me sad and I don’t want to talk about it 😉



This week used the same workouts as last week but the types of sets changed from pyramid sets to drop sets.  I did 8 reps at a high weight, followed immediately by using a lower weight and performing the exercise until muscle failure.  Boy did these get me!  I felt it most when doing deadlifts and wide-grip lat pull-downs.  I haven’t done drop sets in a REALLY long time and this week’s workouts reminded me how much I love them :)


This last week was my taper week in order to keep my legs fresh for my half-marathon tomorrow so the workouts looked a little wonky this week…


Sunday: 10 mile run

Monday: BBB Workout B + Plank Challenge

Tuesday: 4.1 mile trail run (35:54) + BBB Workout A

Wednesday: 30 minute tempo run (3.3 miles) + Six Pack Summer Abs

Thursday: 2 mile run + BBB Workout D

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

I can’t believe that 12-weeks of training culminate tomorrow.  Wish me (and Chris) luck as we get ready to kick 13.1 miles of St. Louis booty :)

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