Emmalyne 6 Months

Emmalyne: Month Six

I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my baby’s six month update.  Where has time gone?  I am in awe and fully understand what my mom meant all these years when she said that time flies.  I know a lot of you are new readers so if you’re just catching up here are the last few months of updates:


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Height: 27 3/4 in (99&)

Weight: 17lb 2oz (85%)

Clothes: 6-9 month, 9 month


Baby girl is TALL.  She is growing like a weed!  Her pediatrician said that she is right on track with growth and development … and is in fact reaching some milestones ahead of schedule!  Chris was off work Monday and got to go with us to the 6-month check-up and held her during her shots.  He took it harder than she did 😉




Little-Miss-Thing is still quite the firecracker.  She makes the most amazing facial expressions and is starting to try to communicate more of what she wants.  She doesn’t hold back her giggles and often goes in to full on laughing fits when she is playing with Chris.  My favorite moment is when I go into her room after she’s been sleeping/napping and she sees me and cracks the biggest smile.  Melts.  My.  Heart.



Breastfeeding is still going strong … 6 months in, 6 months to go!  We are still nursing every 3 hours during the day.  Nursing can get quite interesting if Em gets distracted by anything.  I tend to nurse her up in her room with minimal interference … otherwise it’s a wrestle fest!  The biggest change this month was introducing more solid food.  We are leaning more toward Baby Led Weaning at this point and I’ll do a more specific post on that soon.




Em’s favorite thing to do is bounce in her activity center.  She seriously goes nuts.  I only let her in there a few times a day but she loves every second of it.  We also go on walks almost every day and Emmie absolutely loves to be outside.  No matter how cranky she is, the second we head out for our walk she is a happy camper.  Emmalyne also still loves her play mat, her Sophie giraffe, and any tag she can find.  Her FAVORITE toy though?  Her spit rag.  Go figure.  Her best friend?  Bailey.  Em LOVES Bailey.  Bailey has been so incredible with Em and lets her pretty pull, tug, bite, and yank every bit of her.  She also follows Em wherever she goes.



Em has been rolling over both ways since she was 3 months.  Now she has mastered the art of scooting on her belly where she wants to go.  She tends to turn complete circles on her play mat and log rolls around the living room.  She hasn’t figured out Army crawling yet but it’s only a matter of time.  She is starting to realize that she wants to move … just needs to figure out how.  She kicks like she’s swimming when she is wanting to try to move haha.




Still happening.  We can see the bottom tooth.  The white is coming in and it’s rough.  It just hasn’t completely popped thru yet.  Needless to say anything and everything finds its way into Em’s mouth.



I am totally going to jinx myself for saying this but Em has been sleeping thru the night.  She goes down every night at 7PM sharp.  If we wait a few minutes longer … chaos ensues.  She will typically sleep until 6:30ish.  Sometimes 7 … sometimes 5.  If she wakes up at 5 she nurses for 5 minutes and goes back to sleep.  We spent half the month on nap strike but her union has since apparently reached an agreement with us and has since continued napping.  She’ll normally take around a 45 minute nap in the morning, 1 to 1.5 hours after lunch, and sometimes a shorter nap in the late afternoon.  I’ll take it.



I thank God every day for allowing me to be Emmalyne’s mother.  It is a privilege beyond compare.  I do my best every day to be the best mother I can possibly be.  She deserves the best.


I love you baby girl, you are my sunshine!


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