Short Vs. Long Runs

This is what my house looks like right now …

Our movers are really nice and interacted a lot with Emmie while they were packing up.  They got most of the house done yesterday and will finish up on the garage today.  Tomorrow we say “bye-bye” to our belongings and “hello” to an air mattress, folding chairs, and a pack-and-play.  I must say … this was A LOT easier than our last move.  Back in September we did a FULL DITY (do-it-yourself) move AND I was 36 weeks pregnant.  Army movers from now on … no question 😉


I even managed to sneak in a workout yesterday.  Chris was home so I peaced out and hit the gyn for a quick 30-minute workout.  I did “Workout C” for Week 6 of Best Body Bootcamp.  It focused on “push” movements and made my triceps burn.  It felt awesome to sweat it out 😉


On the topic of sweating … as my half-marathon training is winding down I’ve really been contemplating some of the aspects of running.  One of those being the difference between short vs. long runs and what I like better.  In order  to do so I made a list of pros/cons for both.


SHORT RUNS … (<5 miles)



  • I like to run FASTER.  My body naturally wants to move at a faster pace … however I cannot maintain that pace for long runs at this point.  On short runs, I can run without abandon and not worry about still having 6+ miles to go.
  • They are quick and dirty … I can knock out a 3-mile run in less than 30 minutes.
  •  I can easily take Bailey with me … good exercise for her … protection for me
  • I can also take Emmie … by myself.  I max out at 4.5 miles pushing the BOB.
  • Easy to combine with strength training.


  • Sometimes 3 miles just doesn’t seem ENOUGH.
  • Can’t train for races on short runs alone






  • I honestly don’t know if my body is capable for long-term long runs
  • I beat myself up if I can’t keep the pace I want
  • Time consuming


I have to say that right around 5 miles is my favorite distance … right now.  It’s short enough that I can keep my pace where I want it but long enough that I feel I had a great workout.  I also still have time to do weights since I try to keep my gym time to 1 – 1.5 hours.  Maybe over time my love for long runs will surpass short runs but as of now it’s short runs for the win!


Do you like short or long runs better?  OR … how long do you like to spend in the gym?

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29 thoughts on “Short Vs. Long Runs”

    1. I really do love the half distance … been toying with the idea of full but my mind isn’t quite there!

  1. I am with you on distance. I feel 5 -6 is a good run. I use to struggle with 3 but now when i do 3 I feel like i haven’t done anything. After running 6 on saturday i feel like that is my number. I also agree that time consuming makes it hard to keep going. Mason doesn’t mind going along but I can only push him for 3 miles before my arms are done. GOOD LUCK this weekend!!
    sarah H recently posted..Easter {part 2}My Profile

    1. I LOVE the 1/2 distance but I definitely see more 10Ks in my future :)

  2. Oh girl, I’ve done both moves and after having the army move my stuff there was no going back! DITY moves are NO JOKE! LOL. Glad that yesterday went smoothly and you were able to get a quick workout in.
    I naturally prefer runs around 8-12 miles. Kind of in the middle with distance and a pretty good pace – not super fast, but not as slow as long runs. 8-12 miles is also good b/c I don’t need to carbo load or take gels/water…
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..Dear Saucony: Please Make Maternity Running Clothes!My Profile

  3. Great post! I’ve only ever moved to and from college dorm rooms so a whole house must be a lot of work.

    I’ve just started to take my running “seriously” and by that I mean I actually attempt to run sans stopping and I try to do it because I want to and not because I have to. Question: typically how much faster is your pace on a short run than on a long run? I never know how much to slow down or speed up. Thanks!

    1. I moved every semester of college it seems haha. Those moves were just as crazy!

      If you go to Runners World and check out “Smart Coach” for a training plan it tells you what your long runs should be at. I typically go faster than it suggests though by accident haha. BUT my long runs are between 9:15-9:30 on a good day and shorter runs are averaging in the high-8’s.

  4. i love long and short runs both for very different reasons.

    short runs make me feel fast, and when i feel fast i feel like superman. however a GOOD long run can make me feel invincible which is a feeling that I LOVE. i feel like I’m on top of the world after an incredible long run
    charlotte recently posted..Will Run For Beer – Why You Should TooMy Profile

  5. i can’t believe you did a move while pregnant on your own! yes, you deserve those movers! how cute that they interact with emmie :)

    i can totally relate to you on long vs. short runs. though i haven’t done many long runs in my life, nothing can compare to how accomplished and strong i felt after i finished each one. however, i also felt accomplished and athletic after finishing any short run i’ve ever done, even if just a 5k, if i accomplish it at a speedy pace. i also am a bit of a cardio addict so i like the “high HR endorphins” i get from short runs because i can push the pace harder.
    Caitlin recently posted..Why I Didn’t Go To Church TodayMy Profile

  6. SAME! I agree with just about every word you said. For me, 5-6 miles is still “long”, though I hope to reach the day where I can run 10 :) But I find that my standard 3-mile runs are the most comfortable for my body, the easiest to fit in, the ones I can really do at a steady pace without having to slow down or take a break, etc, but it leaves me feeling like I could/should have done more. A 5-mile run, though, is just challenging enough that I have to work at it and that I feel accomplished after, but within reach enough that I know I can do it.
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Choose Fitness for FunMy Profile

  7. I been fine with the 5 milers right now. My breathing has been so wonky lately, so obviously that means short runs are better. But when I’m full of energy and running doesn’t feel like death, then I do enjoy longer runs. Longer runs were messing up my period last summer/fall (at least I think they were) and it made me mad that my doctor suggested I give up being fit and healthy. It just felt like you can never win!
    char @ char eats GREENS recently posted..smoothie crisis avoided + lots of studyingMy Profile

  8. Ah! Your big move is so soon. I can’t believe how quickly time goes.
    I definitely am a short run girl. A 10K is a race I can achieve without the pressure of having to be fully committed to running for every workout.

  9. My husband and I made the mistake once to move ourselves when we were in the military. We’re out of the military now and still pay for movers. It is so much easier especially with little ones around.

    I completely agree with you when it comes to running short vs long distance. I’m working on increasing my speed right now and every time I run further than 5 miles I’m not able to keep up my pace. Then I’m bummed all day about my speed.

    I love my short runs because I’m able to increase my pace and feel like I’m improving.

    I love how strong I feel and the accomplishment of completing my long run.
    Shauna @ Balancing Bites recently posted..Progress Update on Goals and HabitsMy Profile

  10. I enjoy short runs, but for me nothing beats the feeling of being done with a long run. I miss long runs! I can’t wait to get back into training.

  11. I’ve grown to enjoy longer runs more because short runs were always about pushing the speed (aka less fun). Longer runs I had to learn to pace myself and just settle into a grove – which can be calming in many ways. Coming back from injuries, short runs are a necessity. But, like you said, 3 miles just doesn’t feel like enough. I’ve just settled into the run and it’s over. I think 6-8 miles are my “perfect” miles.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..New Running Gear & Non-Steak SaladMy Profile

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