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Six Pack Summer Ab Workout

Summer is right around the corner whether we like it or not.  It was almost 90 degrees here the other day!  With the warmer weather means that bikini season is a-coming also … gulp!  With us moving to Savannah and having a close proximity to the beach this mama has definitely been working on her core lately.  My goal is to at some point feel as confident in a bikini as I did on my honeymoon.



Have you heard the saying abs are made in the kitchen?  It’s totally true.  A healthy, clean diet is your surest way of getting your abs to show.  However, working them out helps develop them the same way lifting does for your biceps.  A strong core helps to stabilize your spine and protects your internal organs.  A weak core is often a contributing factor to lower back injuries.


I work out my abs in some way (almost) daily.  Normally this is by my #plankaday.  #Plankaday is a Twitter hashtag anyone can use.  The goal is to do a plank a day (get it? hehe) every day.  Then tweet it.  The @PlankPolice get on you if you have missed a few days too.  It’s a great way to keep you accountable!  And who doesn’t have time to bust out a plank a day?  I do mine during commercials or while I sing songs to Emmie.  You can find more info about it here. Edited To Add: There is also a great plank challenge going on for April via Carolynn of Just Keep-Running!

Craving more?  I thought so!  Here is a quick ab-burning circuit to get you ready to rock your bikini this summer.


Throw this into your routine a couple times a week and feel the burn :)  I particularly love it since you don’t need equipment and can do it in your living room.  WIN.


I have two BIG posts over the next couple of days … Emmalyne’s 6 month update and my post-baby body update.  Can’t wait to share the adorable pics I got of Emmie with you guys :)


What’s your favorite ab exercise?  Do you #plankaday?


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19 thoughts on “Six Pack Summer Ab Workout”

  1. The beaches here on Tybee Island have already been packed every weekend since mid-March.. gotta love Georgia weather! My favorite ab workout to do is flutter kicks.. works your core all over :-)

  2. I love sit ups on the incline bench! I have been doing a plank challenge for over a month to see how long I can hold it. I am at 4:35 and my goal is 5:30-6 minutes one day :) I’ve been slacking lately though! Needed that reminder that summer is coming and to get back on it!

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