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Weekend Recap

It was quite the busy weekend over here!  And today is even worse.  The movers are here this morning packing everything.  One of the benefits of military moves is that the movers do everything.  We spent all of yesterday packing our suitcases and putting the few things we are taking with us into one closet.  Even though it wasn’t that much it’s still be pretty stressful.  I will be glad when this move is OVER and we are settled in Savannah!  WOO!


Catching up?  Here were my posts from the weekend:



Emmalyne turned 6 months on Friday and part of her celebration was to spend the evening with a babysitter 😉  Chris had his end of class banquet so we got dressed up and headed to a steakhouse to celebrate graduation.

To be honest I was completely underwhelmed by the food.  It looked good on the plate but didn’t taste that great.  I think that comes with banquet style serving more often than not.  However, for $27 a plate I was thoroughly disappointed.  I only ended up eating the orange roughy since it was Good Friday.

Overall it was a great evening with our friends.  Em on the other hand wanted it to be known that she did not appreciate being left behind and cried most of the night for the sitter.  Poor girl couldn’t move off the couch because they only way Em would sleep was in her arms.  Oops.


I was really excited for Saturday morning because my sorority sister Ashley was in town visiting her boyfriend’s family.  I was even more excited because it meant that we would be meeting her new boyfriend for the first time.  To make things easy we met for an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel since Ashley and Sam had to get to St. Louis for a family function.  I always love seeing Ashley and I have to say Sam passed the inspection.  Can’t wait for them to visit us in Savannah soon!

Later that afternoon I couldn’t help myself and laced up my sneakers for a quick run in the neighborhood.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a run.  I think the temperature was around 55*, overcast, with a slight mist.  Chris walked Emmie and Trigger around the block while Bailey and I took off and did our thing.  Our neighborhood has rolling, steep hills that go along the woods.  I honestly felt like a rockstar.

Mile 1: 9:03

Mile 2: 9:02

Mile 3: 8:33 <—WHAT?!

Average: 8:52

It was one of those runs that I wasn’t tired or even winded at the end.  Considering the hills we conquered I am super proud of myself … and of Bailey 😉


Sunday started early with Easter mass.  I was actually pretty disappointed by the homily.  I think of Easter as such an amazing and joyous occasion celebrating the greatest gift we could ever receive.  Our priest focused instead on the “Chreaster” Catholics … those that attend mass only on Christmas and Easter.  While I understand his point, and find it valid, I think he may also have shamed them into not coming again to Christmas thus perpetuating the cycle.  AND I think the ultimate importance of the day was missed.  Needless to say I have been to better services but the importance of the day was not lost on us.  Em was proclaiming the Gospel all during mass by talking very loudly to anyone who listened.  I said the Spirit must be moving her 😉

We left church and immediately headed to the gym to change into our running clothes.  Today was my last long run before the half marathon next weekend … hello taper week!  Since Chris is running the half too he wanted to get the run in also.  So we strapped Emmie into the BOB and hit our favorite trail on base.  A few things made the run pretty hard on me … 1) Intense hills … and a headwind the last 5 miles 2) Poorly hydrated and 3) it had been over 3 hours since I ate anything.  I honestly don’t think I would have finished the run if I didn’t have Chris me.  He was the biggest motivator.  He told me not to feel sorry for myself … how many women are out on a Sunday running 10 miles just 6 months after having a baby?  He kept reminded me I was doing great and that the hills were wicked AND we were pushing a stroller (we alternate pushing every 1/2 mile).  I love that man :)

We ended up averaging just under 10 minutes / mile which is my goal pace for the half.  Hopefully I can keep it up for race day next week!  I crashed hard when we got home and took a glorious nap.  We spent the rest of the day finishing things up!

Whew … now to face the crazy week ahead 😉

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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  1. You are so so right about the meaning of Easter, and losing the meaning. even though the holy Spirit was still working, that misses the whole celebration! Great reminder:) I so glad Emmie felt the HS and decided to share:) Too funny!
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  2. I LOVE your skirt on Easter! Where did you get it?? Glad your run went well. You are going to rock your half. Can’t wait to run with you… or well, behind you. You speed demon 😉
    Victoria recently posted..Brews & BunniesMy Profile

  3. your easter photo is so cute! i just love seeing pics of you and your family. so adorable. that’s too bad that the priest focused on a fairly negative topic for the service. you’re right, he seemed to be driving the people who may have been “cheating” by coming on only easter away even more!
    Caitlin recently posted..Why I Didn’t Go To Church TodayMy Profile

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