Post Baby Body: 7 Months

Now that you all heard about how Emmie is doing I guess that means it’s time to hear about mama right?  :)  In case you missed my other post baby body updates:


1 Month

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6 Months

Before we get into it, here is a reminder of what I looked like at 6 months …

And this is me today …

Again, I don’t feel like there is THAT much of a difference.  The difference is just in how I FEEL!  My clothes fit great and I know every day I am getting stronger and stronger :)  I feel like I am officially at my “happy place” … but not my goal place.  I am content with my body as is but now I want to see what it CAN be.  Does that make sense?  I want to push myself harder … not to lose more weight, but to gain some more lean muscle.


So even though I don’t know if you can see a difference via the pictures, my measurements are still going down!  I now officially weigh what I did when I got pregnant.  Mid-month I was just under my pregnancy weight but moving and eating out caused the scale to creep up a bit.


Still eating the same!  i don’t count calories but I know my range of intake is somewhere around 2300 per day.  That is to compensate for both exclusively breastfeeding AND working out daily.  I am happy with how I am eating and am proud I took the time to figure out how to eat for my current body.  I still eat some of my favorite unhealthy foods but I aim for an 80% clean, 20% not diet,  It’s working for me so I will stick with it.  However, I see a big slap in the face when I am no longer breastfeeding and can’t eat like a horse 😉


Now that the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon is behind me I am getting back into my normal workout routine.  I am still trying to run 3-4 times per week but I have started incorporating classes back in to the mix.  I go to a boot camp class and a spin class at least once a week.  There is also a CrossFit box here in our town so I look forward to getting back to CrossFit as well!  I think I am going to go check out their punch-card situation this weekend :)


I get a lot of comments on this post from fellow new moms who are dealing with losing the pregnancy pounds like I am.  Your kind words, positive thoughts, and motivation are part of the reason I have successfully lost all my pregnancy weight.  Not only have I lost all the weight but I have gained back a ton of muscle.  I don’t feel “squishy” … I feel strong.  Every pound, every inch, came with blood, sweat, and tears.  It was HARD work getting here and I deifinitely shed my share of tears along the way.  Everything changed for me when I embraced my “mom body”.  So, if you are trying to lose those last couple of pounds just know that you CAN … it just takes time. They don’t simply melt off for everyone … although some of you have been blessed with that  phenomenon.   😉 Be patient, work hard, and you will get there.

If you’ve had babies, how did you lose the weight?  How long did it take you to find your “happy place”?