Weekend Recap

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was perfect … full of food, fitness, and family so it was a win 😉


Saturday Heather and her family was in town house-hunting in preparation for their big move coming up in July.  I felt like I was going out on a date … tried to look cute, told Chris to behave, and cleaned the house.  Why?  Because up until Saturday Heather was a blog friend and we hadn’t met.  Granted, we have a ton in common.  Our husbands are at the same point in their Army careers, Heather and I are both Alpha Phis, and we both live for LOFT.  Match made in heaven right?  Well it was.  Before getting there though, here is what I wore:


SKIRT: Loft Eyelet Hem (Here)

TOP: LOFT basic scoop neck tee (Here)

SHOES: LOFT Metallic Veronic Sandals (Here)


Can you tell I like LOFT?  Haha.  Anyways, Heather, her husband, and their sweet baby girl came to our house and then we all caravanned downtown to Vinnie Van Go-Gos for pizza.


We sat outside the restaurant and the atmosphere was SO much fun!  It was the perfect location for excellent people watching.  Being unconstrained also allowed Grace to run around and have fun.  The weather was absolute perfect and the company fantastic.  I started off my meal with a Blue Moon … aka my favorite beer ever and a little pint of heaven.  Chris and I shared a medium pizza and topped it with pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, and black olives.


The pizza definitely lived up to the hype of UrbanSpoon and Yelp.  It was DELICIOUS!!  Apparently the single slices you can order are as big as a piece of paper so if you end up there you might want to stick with one.  The medium pizza was more than enough for Chris and I and we ended up bringing some home as leftovers.  A couple things to know about Vinnie Van Go-Go is that they only accept cash so make sure you stop by an ATM before getting there.  Also, they don’t have high chairs so Emmie spent the meal sitting on our laps.


I love the fact that Vinnie Van Go Go’s is located in the heart of City Market in the Historic District of Savannah.  There were a ton of shops Heather and I can’t wait to explore.  After dinner we went on a quest for dessert and ended up going to Cafe GelatOhhh.  Something really cool about Cafe GelatOhhh is that they use organic milk for their gelato.  It was REALLY good.  I got the Chai Latte gelato and wasn’t disappointed.


I always describe chai as tasting like Christmas.  This gelato had Christmas all over it.  Chris got the chocolate chip version and it was equally as good.  Heather got amaretto and loved it as well!  Overall it was an awesome evening and I can’t wait until they move here.  Heather … remember I want my BFF necklace in silver please 😉


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I was a pampered princess.  Emmie’s gift to me was sleeping 13 hours!  Woo Woo!!  Chris and Emmie woke me up with their gift to me:


How sweet is that?  Chris had it made and blog-stalked my month updates of Emmie to get the pictures he wanted.  Yes he has access to my iPhoto but apparently getting them off the blog was easier haha.  It’s on foam board so it is durable.  We are going to get it framed and then hung in our bonus room!


They also treated me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and never-ending back scratches.  They know the way to my heart is through French toast and sprinkles 😉


Chris also decided that it was a night-out kind of night.  He thought he was picking somewhere local for dinner and picked Dillingers.  WELL … Dillingers ended up being attached to the mall.  HA.  I did get to go to Charming Charlies though 😉  SO we went in to Dillingers with open minds and it ended up being a disaster.  I ordered the grilled salmon and it was so dry it was like chicken.  Then I tried the chili which was completely devoid of flavor.  Needless to say we will NOT be going back.  BUT Chris saved the day and snuck out to “use the bathroom” and instead bought me a watch I had been eyeing at Charming Charlies:


Overall I had a great weekend.  I even snuck in a HIIT run and shoulder workout on Saturday!  I am so blessed to have great friends and an even more amazing family in my life!


***I am going to be moderating #FitBlog tomorrow night!!  Come out and chat with me at 9PM EST about group fitness :)


How did you spend your weekend?