Wedding: The Wedding Party

Welcome to the second installment of my wedding series.  Last week I shared some of the details of our wedding with you.  Thank you for all your kind comments!  This week is all about the amazing people who agreed to be a part of our wedding party.  We seriously had the BEST wedding party ever.  Everyone was fun, welcoming, and involved.  I can’t help that they are ridiculously good looking to boot 😉



My sister Heather was my Matron-Of-Honor and I couldn’t have been more blessed.  Even though there is a significant age gap between us we are super close.  I have always looked up to Heather and she has supported me my entire life.  It meant everything to me to have her by my side on my wedding day.  Plus she threw me an awesome bridal shower :)




Starting from the left is my step-sister Kelsey, my high school friend Kelley, fellow Wildcat Brittany, me, Heather, my cousin Kristen, and my sorority sister Elizabeth.


My niece and Goddaughter Grace we my flower girl.  Isn’t she just picture perfect?  She took her job VERY seriously and was an amazing flower girl.



 Chris’ brother Brian was his Best Man.  Brian and Chris are only a couple of years apart and are clearly brothers.  Brian is also serving in the Army and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

From the left … Chris E from ROTC, my best friend Ben, fellow Wildcat Kurtis, Chris, Brian, Trey from ROTC, and Chris’ best friend Josh.

I come from a REALLY big family and wanted to incorporate my 4 brothers and 2 nephews into our wedding party in some capacity.  My brother Jack, step-brother Mike, step-brother Tony, brother Drew, and nephew Mark John all served as ushers or helped with programs and gifts.  My youngest nephew Thomas was the ring bearer.

Funny wedding story about Thomas … Thomas was almost 5 when we got married.  When we were rehearsing the night before he said “I’m over this” before we even started.  Needless to say I did NOT give him the real rings for the ceremony.  In fact, I forgot to even put fakes on his pillow.  After he walked down the aisle he went to sit with my brother-in-law in the audience.  When the pastor got to the ring exchange Thomas went to look for the rings.  He realized he did not have them and was MAD.  So mad that he Boo’d us the rest of the ceremony.  He also refused to dance with me that night.  I learned my lesson that’s for sure 😉


AND my favorite wedding photo …

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party.  Each of these people have meant something important to us during different phases of our lives.  The fact that they agreed to celebrate the biggest (at the time) day of our lives meant everything.  So, a big THANK YOU to our wedding party.  We love you all SO much!

Have a funny flower girl or ring bearer story?  I would love to hear it :)

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