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Fitness Friday

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Happy Friday everyone!  I am SO excited for this weekend.  Since it IS Friday it’s time for another installment of Fitness Friday.


You’re going to notice  a stark difference between this week and last week’s Fitness Friday.  See it?


There are only two workouts listed for the week.  Humph.  I have battling either a nasty summer cold or really bad allergies.  Either way, lots of soup, couch, and Kleenex has been the name of the game the last couple of days.  It is really hard to take a step back sometimes but focusing on getting better needed to be my number one priority this week.  I have napped when Emmie naps and trying to keep her entertained with little movement on my part.  It’s been a challenge in and among itself being sick and taking care of someone else at the same time.  Hopefully next week is going to be better :)

BUT just because I am sick doesn’t mean you don’t get something fun out this week …


What fun stuff do you have planned for the weekend??

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14 thoughts on “Fitness Friday”

    1. For the elliptical it’s your resistance level … my bad! For the stair master I will double check at my gym and get back to you!

  1. hope you feel better soon love!!!!!

    Have a great weekend :) xo I am gardening with my Mom tomorrow :) I get to start my herb garden :) I look forward to it every year!

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