Back Biceps Super Sets

Fitness Friday + Back/Biceps Super Sets

This week has been a little cray-cray but I am SO happy that by now we are on our way to Disney World!  WOO!!!  Heading to the happiest place on Earth definitely puts a smile on your face :)  AND it’s FITNESS FRIDAY!


This week I feel like I have gotten back on track with my workouts.  I am still full of congestion though so I scaled back a lot of the intensity to ease my way back into the gym.  I think I am dealing with new allergies because that’s what it feels like and cold medicine hasn’t done anything.  If I am still sneezing/blowing my nose constantly next week I think it’s time to visit the doctor.  BOO.  Any-who … here is what my week in workouts looked like:



I really liked the back/biceps superset workout I did yesterday.  I felt the burn and lifted heavy (for me).  I liked it so much I figured I ought to share it with you!



I am hoping to squeeze in a couple of workouts in the hotel gym while we are on vacation but I am not going to pressure myself to do it.  This vacation is about spending time with my family and having fun.  If an opportunity presents itself to hit the gym I’ll take it but it’s not my top priority :)  I do have my workout clothes and workouts packed just in case!


Does anyone know of a good pedometer app for your iPhone?  I would love to download one and track how many miles we walk throughout the day!  I know I could take my Garmin but I really don’t want to haha.


What was your favorite workout this week?

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