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Thank You Doesn’t Cut It

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mamas out there!!


Today is my first official mother’s day and although I am excited to be treated like the queen I am I want to focus today’s post on my own mom and her pure awesomeness.  It’s days like today that I really wish I lived in Arizona so I could pamper my mom the way you deserves to be!



My sister Heather and I are the luckiest girls in the world to have the mom that we do, even if we don’t always show it.  Heather and I are 17 years apart so my mom has daughters in two very different life stages.  No matter how old we get though at the end of the day when things just aren’t going right the only person we want is our mom.  Something that my mom made the mistake of teaching us was giving us “sprinkles” … basically scratching our arms and backs.  Now, when the three of us can sneak away to a move and mom is sandwiched between us you better believe within 5 minutes she has two arms plopped in her lap anticipating sprinkles.

My mom is the epitome of unconditional love.  She is there for her children, and now grandchildren, at the drop of a hat, dropping anything and everything when she needs to.  She has driven hours to pick me up from camp when I got sick.  She has flown across the country to take care of me when I was pregnant, SO sick, and Chris was deployed.  She has helped us move not once, not twice, but three times.  My mom was in the delivery room the day I became a mom.


So how do I say thank you …


To the person who means the most to me in the world besides my own daughter?

To the person who comforted me when I was sick and made me nests on the couch?

To the person who has supported every dream I have ever had?

To the person who cheered me on at every game, every play, every dance recital?

To the person who loved me when I was the least lovable?


Honestly … words cannot adequately portray how blessed and thankful I am to have you as my mom, mom.


You have taught me …


How to be selfless.

How to be humble.

How to be thankful.

How to be kind.

How to be patient.

How to treat others the way that I want to be treated.

How to reach out to the person who is lonely and needs a friend.

How to be a child of God.

How to put others needs before my own.

How to love unconditionally.

How to be an amazing mom.


It’s true that you don’t know what true love is until you become a mom.  I now understand why you always told me that time goes too fast.  I now have a tiny glimpse into how you must feel about Heather and I.


You are the most amazing person I know … and if I can be half as good of a mother to Emmalyne as you have been to me then she is one lucky little girl.  I love you mom.



SO … let’s just consider this your Mother’s Day card until I can get yours in the mail Monday because we both know it is still sitting on my desk 😉  Hey … I’m a mom now and my brain has officially left the building.


How are you spending Mothers’ Day?  Did you remember to send a card (unlike me)?

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I never really understood how important this day is until I became a Mama. I wish I could be with my mom to pamper her today but she’s in Michigan.

    I get to plant he festivities for the day so I’m headed to Barre soon followed by brunch and the beach.
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  2. While I am using tons of kleenex, I am thinking about how very blessed I am that you CHOSE me, Madeline. And that you have grown into a beautiful woman in spite of me and my mistakes and my regrets! You honor me far more than I deserve! What would any of us have done without you in our lives! Thank you so much! Love, MOM

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