Disney Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of our trip to Disney you can find it HERE.


Our second day in Orlando we made our way to the most magical place on earth … The Magic Kingdom!  Chris and I got there early and got to see them open the park which is SO much fun.

 We immediately made our way to Space Mountain to get fast passes and get on the ride before lines formed.  The best thing EVER at Disney is the “Rider Swap” pass you can get.  Chris was able to get right on and I had a pass for later.  After voyaging into space, we hit up the Buzz Lightyear Ride because Emmie could go on it too.  She shot lot’s of “Zs”!

By that time my dad and brothers had made their way to the park so we used my rider swap for Space Mountain and then headed over to get wet on Splash Mountain.  While in the shadows of Splash Mountain we saw some of Emmie’s friends:

We stuck with low-key rides from then on and grabbed some lunch.  Em enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle River Cruise.  We stopped over in Fantasy Land but Toon Town was still closed for renovations.  On our way out of the park we got to see the parade and wave at some princesses:

And ended our day with some ice cold beers at my dad’s hotel:

We spent our final day in Orlando between Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney.  If you go to Hollywood Studios hit up the Toy Story ride FIRST.  The wait gets out of control but it seriously SO cool.  We waiting for 1.5 hours and entertained ourselves with pictures:

Rock’n’Roller Coaster was by far my favorite ride of the entire trip.  I had been on it before but it is still so much fun.  The fact that it is set to Aerosmith music takes it to a whole different level 😉

What we didn’t know was that the weekend was Star Wars weekend so we saw a LOT of Jedis:

Our trip was seriously so much fun and it was a lot easier to do with a baby than I thought it would be.  I will be posting my tips for “Doing Disney With A Baby” later!

If you’ve bee to Disney, what’s your favorite park?  How about favorite ride?