Fitness Friday + Finding My Stride

I keep thinking today is Saturday because Chris is off work today but nope, it’s FRIDAY!  That means it’s FITNESS FRIDAY!  Here is what my week looked like this week:


My Monday yoga class is just what I needed and I can tell a difference in how my legs felt on my runs this week.  I LOVE yoga and it feels good to be getting back into a structured class again.


Wednesday’s leg workout was inspired by one of Lindsay’s 100 workouts.  I kept 100-70 but changed the rest.  This is what mine ended up looking like:


Thursday’s run was in one word … amazing.  I set out to do a 20 minute tempo run with a 5 minute warm up and cool down.  My legs felt heavy and my breathing off.  17 minutes into my tempo run I was counting down the seconds until the end.  Then something awesome happened … right around mile 2 I found my stride.  My legs suddenly felt great and my breathing normalized.  I decided to keep going and ended up doing a 3.5 mile tempo run at a 9:30 (goal pace).  I did 4.1 miles total in 40 minutes and felt great.  It was a lesson to remember that sometimes it can take a couple of miles to find your stride.  I think this lesson applies to a lot of things in life.  It reminded me to work hard and be patient and it will come.


Yesterday was a crazy day with Chris’ Change of Command and preparing all the food for the reception following the ceremony.  I managed to squeeze in an early two mile run while my mother-in-law watched the Emster.



The humidity here in Georgia is no joke.  I swear I sweat 1000 times more living in Savannah.  I was DRENCHED coming into the house.  Holy cow.  However, my run was great.  My Garmin is acting weird so I had to resort to a weird app on my phone.  It did the job but I need to figure out why my Garmin currently hates me.


Any-who … not sure what my workout plans include for today or this weekend.  Tomorrow is my 25th birthday!  Chris has to work in the morning but I think I might drag him on a family run before we go meet Victoria and her husband for dinner.  The rest of the weekend will be spent studying for my GRE … which is MONDAY.  EEK!!  Have a safe, healthy, and happy weekend friends!!


Any fun plans this weekend??