New #FitGear + Fitness Friday

WOO!!  I don’t know about all of you but I am ready for the weekend!  :)  We are having a bunch of Chris’ soldiers over tomorrow for a BBQ so I have quite a bit of food prep to do.  Before we get into my workouts for the week, check out my guest post for Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean!  I have a beach booty workout there just for you 😉  Any-who … welcome to another round of Fitness Friday!


This week didn’t go quite as I intended.  Monday I had my GRE and I was just mentally done at the end of it so I skipped working out.  Tuesday Em decided she wasn’t having it so I didn’t get to lift as planned.  Wednesday and Thursday were great.  The highlight of my workout week was going on a family run on my birthday :)


One of my favorite things about working out is all the cute clothes and #FitGear it adds to my life.  No joke.  I love clothes so having a solid wardrobe of workout gear is critical.  😉  My family obviously knows that new gear is the key to my heart.  Here are some of my newest (and favorite) #FitGear!


After hearing so much about the amazing technology Reebok has been unveiling I was probably the most excited to open these amazing shoes from Chris.  They are the Reebok RealFlex Train shoes and I am obsessed.  They are perfect for short runs and lifting.  Basically my favorite all around gym shoe.  I have gotten a ton of compliments on these also :)


How cute are those tanks??  I LOVE them.  They are the Under Armour “Twisty Tank” (left) and the Under Armour “Muscle Tank” (right).  They are so flipping comfortable.  I love the unique back.  I have ran a couple of times in them and they have allowed good air flow and stayed pretty dry.  LOVE.

I bought the top pair of shorts for myself this week on clearance at the PX.  They are Under Armour running shorts and they rock.  My mom got me the Lululemon Run: Tracker Short II and these are by far my new favorite shorts.  You can’t tell but the waistband is scrunched and the length is perfect.  I think some of the Lulu shorts are just too short on my long legs but these are great.

My mom added these Zella socks to my birthday box on a whim and I am so glad she did.  I totally underestimate the power of great socks and these are comfy!  So soft and the cushioned heel is great for my running.

Whew … I am so thankful for the people in my life that went out of their way to make my birthday special.  I love that they know me perfectly and know what I would appreciate the most.  As a new(ish) mom I kind of live in workout clothes during the day so I am content.

Another person who knows me so well?  Victoria.  Check out the text I got from her yesterday:

Yes the fir should be for but the point is the same.  Victoria already knows my weakness is buffalo wings.  And beer.  Hehe.

What is your favorite #FitGear?