Iron Sharpens Iron

Holy cow guys.  I found a workout facility that is PERFECT for me.  Last night Victoria and I had the opportunity to check out the D1 Sports Training center here in Savannah, Georgia.  And I am in love.

D1 Sports Training Savannah

D1 Sports Training Savannah: Madeline & Victoria

We met our new friend Zach who told us more about D1 Sports Training and their philosophy.  D1 aims to give their clients the same experience and benefits that top athletes get at Division I schools.  Their coaches are incredibly educated and are experts in their field.  D1 has programs for kids as young as 7 and goes all the way thru adulthood.  The passion that they have for fitness oozed through as Zach showed us around.


And they don’t disappoint.  The facilities had pretty much everything you could ask for in a training center.  The weight machines are custom designed for D1 and you will not find them anywhere else.  There were medicine balls galore, free weights, pylometric boxes, etc.


D1 Sports Training Center Savannah

Before we knew it it was time for us to start our workout.  Although D1 has a TON of classes aimed at kids, there are adult programs as well.  We did a boot camp class.  Their boot camp classes are metabolic based workouts utilizing many different training modalities.  It is suitable for men and women of all fitness levels.  I can honestly say that our class had a diverse variety of individuals and everyone successfully created the workout.  A lot of it is how hard YOU push YOURSELF.  The harder you push = the greater the results.


Coach Brittany started us off with a dynamic warm-up of walking lunges, some different balance/stretch things, and a couple laps.  After that we moved on to variety of running drills on the field.  We did high knees, butt kicks, cariocas, side shuffles, straight legs, back pedals, bear crawls, and finger drags.  On top of that we added 3 100m sprints.  WHEW.  And that was only half the workout.


After getting our butts handed to us on the field we got pushed even further.  We had resistance bands strapped to our ankles and utilized weighted medicine balls as our equipment.  The workouts are very team oriented so we circled up to do the remainder of the workout.  There was a circuit of weighted exercises with side shuffles thrown in between each.  We did medicine ball slams, squats, medicine ball push-ups, overhead press, good mornings, triceps extensions, and lumberjacks.  Twice.  OUCH.


D1 Sports Training Boot Camp

D1 Sports Training Boot Camp


I was seriously done by the end of the workout.  According to my Polar FT40 heart rate monitor I burned 589 calories in 50 minutes.  AWESOME workout.  AND we vlogged about it 😉

If you’re in the Savannah are check it out!  If you’re not, check and see if there is a location near you HERE.  You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you D1 Sports Training for having us.  It was a blast!


**I am also being featured today on Victoria’s blog #TrasnformationTuesday for my postpartum weight-loss!  Check it out :)


Have you ever tried a boot camp class?  What did you think?