Munchkin Meals #2

Did you all like my “What I Ate Wednesday” eats yesterday?  Ya?  Good.  Today is all about the Emster.  Brittany is awesome and is hosting a weekly link-up focusing on what our babies are eating.  If you missed my first installment of Munchkin Meals you can see if HERE.


#MunchkinMeals Button



Emmie enjoyed a breakfast of eggs scrambled with spinach and nutritional yeast and one mini whole-wheat waffle with a drop of maple syrup.


#MunchkinMeals Lunch Quinoa and Chicken


#MunchkinMeals Dinner

Morning Star veggie burger, blueberries, and some rice with veggies.

We also made a trip up downy to Fort Stewart to take Chris some stuff.  He knew he was getting off work late and also wanted the chance to see Em.  She enjoyed a snack of puffs and munchies while hanging out with her daddy.

visiting daddy at work

AND a fun video of Emmie clapping for the first time on her own …


If you have a babe of your own, make sure you link up with Brittany!