Top 10 of the Week

Ready for a new blog series?!  I know I am!  Every week I spend time reading so many fabulous blog posts that I try to tweet out to all of you because I think they’re awesome.  However, one little tweet easily gets lost in the feed and I truly think that some posts deserve more than that.  Therefore, I will be doing the Top 10 of the Week on Sundays here on Food, Fitness, and Family and share some link love with all of you!



1.  Bikini Independence Video – Rebekah put together an amazing video about getting a Fit Attitude.  FitFluential Ambassadors of all shapes, sizes, and ages got together and rocked their swim suits.  LOVE IT.


2.  To Wave Or Not To Wave – Pavement Runner pulled this beauty out of his archives and I thought it was great!  Besides the fact that it’s a great post, he and I have nearly parallel lives but on opposite coasts.  He has a daughter Emmalyne’s age and our German Shepherds are long lost twinsies.


3.  What It Means to be an Athlete – Carly shares what she thinks it means to be an athlete.  Head on over and say what being an athlete means to you :)


4.  I Am a Spartan BEAST Warrior – Kierston tackled the Spartan race in Mont Ste-Marie and holy cow this looks intense!  Seriously such a HUGE accomplishment!


5.  Organize Your Fridge – Meredith says some awesome tips for organizing your fridge.  My Type A personality squealed with glee upon reading this post.


6.  The SPEED Tabata workout – Brad gives us an awesome tabata workout!  I love me some tabatas and this is sure to be a sweat fest!


7.  Lose Weight or Maintain Weight Loss – Kymberly and Alexandra offer some awesome tips about reaching your goals!


8.  5 Minutes to Great Abs – Katie shared her ab workout and let me tell you … this mama has rocking abs so I can’t wait to try it out!


9.   CrossFit Squat Fail – Anne got real and shared about her experience at CrossFit this week.  I think we all have those moments and I love when bloggers share them … it reminds me that we are all human and 100% real.


10.  Grain-Free 30 Day Challenge – Laury is going grain-free this month and I think this is an interesting challenge!  I look forward to seeing how it goes!


There you have it!  My favorite posts for the week.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  We have been super busy over here but I’ll share all of that with you guys tomorrow for my weekend recap :)


What was the best blog post you read this week??

Post Baby Body: 9 Months

Yesterday was all about Emmalyne and the rock star that she is.  She is seriously the light of my world and my favorite, littlest person.  However, today is about me and my progress in losing the baby weight and reaching my fitness goals!  New to my updates?  Here’s a blast from the past:


1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

Whew … that is a lot of months of progress!  Here’s a trip down memory lane …

3 Months Post-Baby Body

3 Months Post Baby Body

6 Months Post-Baby Body

6 Months Post-Baby Body

9 Months Post- Baby Body

9 months post baby body

Still doing good!  I think my stomach gets a little flatter and my abs slightly more defined as time is going on.  My legs are definitely toning up also.  My focus points in the coming months are my sides, inner thighs, and back.  Any words of wisdom for shredding fat on your sides and inner thighs?!


9 months post baby body measurements

I am excited to see some progress in the weight department.  While I don’t live and die by the scale I do have a goal weight in mind.  However a friend kindly reminded me that those are some vanity pounds which I don’t deny.  However, my biggest indicator of progress is how my clothes fit and how everything looks in the mirror.  I would happily be 150 lbs and toned/ripped any day.  :)  The number on the scale is just that … a number.  I refuse to let it define me.


I came clean with you all this week and told you about my battle with my sweet tooth.  It’s been a little difficult this week with company in town and so many fun things going on for the 4th of July.  I would love to say I kicked the habit overnight but that isn’t the case.  My other concern is that I am going home to Arizona next week for 2 full weeks and I am a little nervous about keeping up with my clean eating.  My family are healthy eaters but it’s totally different when you’re not doing the grocery shopping.  I am going to work hard to make good choices but I know this will be a hard month.  Clean eating detox will ensue when I get home that’s for sure!


I have kept up with consistently working out 5-6 days a week and it feels great.  If there is one word that I would like to use to describe my fitness goals it would be STRONG.  I want to grow and develop muscles.  I want my arms, legs, back, and abs to be well-defined.  I am still trying to figure out how to get there though.

SO any ideas for gaining muscle and cutting fat would be greatly appreciated!  What I am doing has worked up until this point but I want to get to the next level.  Maybe some fresh ideas and new thoughts are just what I need.  :)